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WHO Confirms Biggest One-Day Jump With 183,000 Coronavirus Cases

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WHO Confirms Biggest One-Day Jump With 183,000 Coronavirus Cases

WHO released the details on Sunday saying that coronavirus has infected 183,000 new patients on the previous day. According to UN health Agency, Brazil in on the top of the list of most infected in the last one day with 54,771 patients. After that, the United States of America reported 36,617 new cases and India with more than 15400 coronavirus cases.

Health analysts said that the spree of this virus is the result of more test happening all around the world and also a lot of new contamination of coronavirus. The death toll rises to 461715 out of the 8708008 infected patients as per the WHO details. Moreover, only the United States Of America reported two-third of that total number of deaths.

Resurgence of coronavirus

  • The death toll has risen to 46 patients in South Africa with 5,000 new infections on Saturday. South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa declared to open the beauty salons, casinos, restaurants relaxing the lockdown regulations. The country had seen most strict lockdown though.
  • The southern and western states in the US are seeing the most outbreaks of the coronavirus. There were above 3,100 patients who are newly infected found in Arizona. The record of Friday is saying that there were 26 dead patients there. Nevada too had new 445 new infections.
  • Germany has reported more than 1000 patients of coronavirus who are from a single plant where they did the packaging of meat. The authorities of that region in Europe declared a quarantine period for those workers and their families, even to their managers.
  • A new second wave of outbreaks has hit in Asian countries like South Korea and China on Sunday. They were on the path of normalizing their pandemic situation.
  • Beijing faced new 22 coronavirus cases. The government of China reported the total number of new cases 25 of patients nationwide. The Beijing authority last week has put restrictions which made travelers show the negative report of the virus test to travel outside the capital. The capital Beijing is a city of 20 million residents.
  • A Seoul-based company had 200 coronavirus cases among its employees who sale door to door. There are a minimum of 70 cases in their table tennis area. Despite the situation, the South Korea government is not ready to make stronger rules to protect social distancing measures as it can avoid their economic activities.
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Massive testing needed

The highest number of coronavirus cases were in the United States of America with more than 2.2 million patients and deaths happened over 120,000 as per the reports of Josh Hopkins. The US health officials said that massive testing can monitor the surge of this coronavirus and also will be able to prevent it to get it being spread.

Lockdown restrictions have restrained the people of England to go to the historic Stonehenge circle to see the sunrise on the longest day of the year. It is a ritual for people who lives near to Northern Hemisphere to celebrate the summer solstice.

The coronavirus cases are increasing in a massive spree in the US, but other countries like South Africa, Brazil are also facing the same situation. Latin America’s numbers are getting worse. Brazil’s health authorities reported that their cases had grown to above 50,000 in 24 hours. The president of Brazil has said that only about 50,000 patients had died but the actual situation is not as he says according to facts.

End of Lockdown for Spain

The government of Spain eased off the rules of lockdown. The lockdown of Spain lasted about three months. There are 47 million of their population who can now live and work without having lockdown restrictions. Spain had shut down the country on March 14. The authority is now allowing the travel for their people and revoked the quarantine period of 14 days for individuals coming from the other twenty-six European countries and Britain. They are also allowing visitors with visas from those countries.

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There were very few crowds at the Madrid-Bajaras Airport in spite of the relaxation of the emergency rules. The situation would have been different on a regular day there. Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez requested his country people to take utmost measures to fight the coronavirus infection further. He said that coronavirus cases can have resurgence to their country, so to prevent that all the people must take precautions.

US president addressed a rally in his campaign at Tulsa, Oklahoma saying that the US health authorities reached 25 million people and got them tested. Donald Trump also says that the worst situation is that the authorities reported more new cases. The fact is that more the testing is going to take place, more infected patients would be there. So he asked the officials to slow the pace of these testing. Peter Navarro defended the President saying that he made that comment in a frivolous way with a lighter mood.

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