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White Rabbit Project and Myth Busters Host Grant Imahara Dies at 49

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Grant Imahara

Grant Imahara was an expert roboticist and electrical engineer who worked for years at Industrial Lights and Magic Division, and Lucasfilm’s THX. He was also the host of the White Rabbit Project on Netflix, and MythBusters, a popular science show. Imahara’s age at the time of death was 49 years. The reason for death is a sudden brain aneurism, and the incident has left so many people heartbroken.

According to an official statement issued by the Discovery Channel after the tragedy, the representative said that everyone is shattered after learning about the news of Imahara’s sudden demise. The rep highlighted the fact that Grant was a very important part of the Discovery family, and that the loss was irreparable. They have further extended their prayers and condolences to Imahara’s family.

As mentioned earlier, Grand Imahara was a professional roboticist and electrical engineer. So, he joined the MythBusters, when it was running it’s the third season on the Discovery Channel. Imahara was a replacement for Scottie Chapman, the host of the show till 2014. Chapman left the show that year along with his co-hosts Tory Belleci and Kari Byron. However, both Bellaci and Byron collaborated with Imahara for the popular Netflix show, White Rabbit Project. This show lasted for just one season.

Talking about MythBusters, Imahara was famous for his projection of designing and building robots. His expertise was so impressive that people became his fans watching him showcase his skills on the show. On MythBusters, Grant Imahara used to operate all sorts of electronics and computers that were required for myth testing. That was what the show was all about.

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Grant Imahara’s experience as a part of MythBusters

The time when Imahara was a part of the MythBusters team, he did everything starting from sky-diving to riding stunt cars. He also met iconic screen characters on the sets of this show. He was also interested to fix lights onto the R2-D2 of Star Wars. Besides, he was the man behind the creation of the robot whose name was Geoff Peterson. The same was for The Late Night Show With Craig Ferguson. Moreover, Imahara had work experience on the Energizer Bunny project as well.

On July 13, Imahara’s colleague, and MythBusters co-host Byron took to his Twitter handle to post something about his late friend. He said that the tragedy has brought him in a state of shock and that he is at a loss of words. Remembering his 22-year relation with Grant Imahara, he spoke highly of the artist. Byron posted that the engineer and roboticist was not just a brilliant performer, but a generous, gentle, and easy-going person too. Working with Imahara was so much fun, and that Byron will miss him badly.

The early life of Imahara

Grant Imahara was born on October 23, 1970, in Los Angeles. Later, he went to Southern California University to study electrical engineering. However, it was at the same time that Imahara started doubting his goals and passions. He realized for a brief period that he wanted to become a screenwriter instead. Later, his dream came true, and he got the golden opportunity of combining both his professions. His post-graduation internship with the Lucasfilm’s THX Labs was what changed his life completely.

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Imahara worked in the same company for almost a decade in the Industrial Light and Magics department of the THX associated with Lucasfilm. Very soon, he started impressing people with his talent and became the head model maker. Here, his specialization in animatronics happened. Later, he used this experience while he was working on George Lucas’ project of the prequels of Star Wars. Imahara was a part of several other important projects. It includes big names such as The Matrix Revolutions and Reloaded, Galaxy Quest, Van Helsing, XXX: State of the Union, Artificial Intelligence, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the Terminator 3, and more.

In the year 2000, Grant Imahara took part in the famous Comedy Central Show, BattleBots. He presented “Deadblow” here, which was a robot that he made on his own. It won a double Middleweight Rumbles in the show, during different seasons. Besides this, Imahara has appeared in several other shows and sequels.

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