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UK Struggles to Build COVID Support Before Second Wave of Lockdown

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UK Struggles to Build COVID support

When the global pandemic was starting in March 2020, the U.K.’s casual environment was nothing short of terrifying. Soon, when the morgues and hospitals of Italy were filling up, people came out to support a nationwide lockdown. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the U.K., called for a drastic lockdown, and people were obeying the rules. After summer, the same Boris government is facing charges of negligence, hypocrisy, and incompetence. Plus, the UK struggles to build COVID support when the spike in infection figures points towards a massive second wave.

Not just the fact that presently UK struggles to build COVID support, but there is fatigue regarding the pandemic all around. Moreover, a few places in the country are in a more severe position due to the coronavirus. The critics of Boris Johnson are leaving no scope to blame him for the situation. They believe that Boris is incompetent and so was unable to live up to the people’s expectations. Moreover, the government enjoying goodwill in the last season is facing several accusations within a couple of months. Nothing but double standards and blunders have led the U.K. government to drop to this position.

Cases increasing while the UK struggles to build COVID support

Now, the rise in cases is no more limited to Spain and France. It is beyond control in several other places too. The U.K. government is suspecting a further increase in the number of cases in the upcoming winter. Therefore, they are trying to reimpose certain restrictions and rules that were in action back in March. Even though the UK struggles to build COVID support right now, the government is trying to rise to the situation.

Three hospitals with emergency COVID wards will start functioning in the Northern cities of Sunderland, Manchester, and the Harrogate Town. The staff in these places are aware that there may be a massive wave of new admissions soon. In his speech, Stephen Powis says that the medical staff is now more aware than ever before. He is the chief of England’s National Health Service that runs on public funding.

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On the other hand, Liverpool is now entering Phase- 3 of the lockdown with stricter restrictions. For example, bars, pubs, restaurants, theaters, and other public gathering places must not open until further notice. However, there is no official announcement regarding the Tier-3 rules, and the local people are waiting for the same. Over 600 people out of 100,000 in Liverpool are testing positive. The number of per week cases is now over 3,000, which was only 89 in September. Therefore, the leap is massive, and there is no way other than isolation to control the spread.

Britain is leading the casualty figures presently.

According to the present data, Britain is leading the charts for death figures due to COVID-19. The exact model is around 42,000, which is also the highest per capita death rate worldwide. The rate of public confidence in U.K. prime Minister Boris Johnson was 72% in September. It is down to 31%, and it is an utter shame for the present government. The statistics are clear proof that presently, the UK struggles to build COVID support for the second wave. A research team from king’s College, London working on COVID management, has found some shocking evidence. After testing COVID positive, a person must stay in isolation for 14 days. Not everyone is doing that. Moreover, the rate of people self-isolating is just 10.9%. The main reason seems to be a fear of losing livelihood or income if someone goes into isolation.

Things are not the same in London anymore. While the local government was continually urging people to stay at homes and show support for the health workers, not everyone was severe. However, some people are strictly following the rules and not even meeting friends and families who stay in the city. It is a painful scenario, but there is no other option.

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Why is the country in such a mess?

The country is now struggling to build support because of everyone’s casual attitude earlier. After the first phase of lockdown, people took it for granted when things were a bit under control. Besides, Boris Johnson and his team were rushing to open economies in the nation to save the downfall that is anyway approaching. Immature schemes pushing people to go out and enjoy meals at cheap rates under the slogan of “Eat Out to Help Out” is why such a mess. However, restrictions such as social distancing, early closing of shops and pubs, and wearing masks were there throughout. It was evident that all of it was not enough!

On the contrary, while the government is trying to cope with the struggles, there is a group of conspiracy theorists. They are still marching around, stating that COVID-19 is a hoax. They were in Berlin last month and are now in London. Presently, one of the most severe COVID hotspots in Madrid. Despite the declaration, people in the city resent lockdown and restrictions, stating it “discriminatory.” However, Paris seems to be very serious and is heading for a two-week lockdown.

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