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South Korean Ex-Aide Claims Kim Jong Un in Coma, Country Releases Pictures in Defense

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South Korean Ex-Aide Claims Kim Jong Un in Coma, Country Releases Pictures in Defense

According to a South Korean diplomat, the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un is in coma. Kim Yo Jong, the sister of the leader, has currently taken his position.

The New York Post reported that these claims came from Chang Song-min. He was an aide to late Kim Dae-Jung. He was the president of South Korea. Chang Song-min claimed that though Kim is still alive, but is surviving in coma.

Kim Yo-jong on the front having absolute power in the absence of his brother

He said that putting Kim Yo-Jong in the front because of Kim Jong Un’s health conditions would not last for much longer as getting his successor is still incompetent. The Yonhap News Agency said that these sensational allegations came from Chang as spy organization of South Korea claimed that Kim had divided the power. Now his sister Kim Yo Jong and other close colleagues are handling the delegations.

Being the first vice director of the United Front Department of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Kim Yo Jong is now at the helm of state after power delegation. The brother-sister duo has not published any statements regarding this, yet maintaining their utmost authority overpower. This news came to light from a private consultation that happened last week between the National Intelligence services of South Korea and the lawmakers.

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Doubts over South Korean allegations about Kim Jong Un

There are doubts over South Korean diplomat’s claims. This is not the first time that rumors are going around about Kim Jong Un’s long absence. His health conditions previously created many speculations as well. Moreover, Kim Jong Un skipped his grandfather’s 108th birthday celebration a few days ago.

His grandfather Kim Il Sung was the founder of North Korea. Further, the government of North Korea never gave any explanation about their leader’s absenteeism. There were similar rumors that had spread in April when the Hermit Kingdom’s leader went to have surgery for this heart condition. He was out of the public eye for almost three weeks.

Kim Jong Un was seen in a video

A government official of South Korea claimed to Fox News that no such information of any medical course of action happened with Kim Jong Un. Kim was seen in a video wandering at the event near Pyongyang after fertilizer company’s fulfillment.

Kim Jong Un’s pictures surface online

On August 26, Kim Jong Un’s photos emerge online; just a few days after the South Korean diplomat claimed he was in a fatal condition. The Korean Central News Agency posted images of a healthy leader.

The pictures showed Kim Jong Un to attend a meeting of the politburo of the Workers Party. Moreover, the agency revealed that the leader had called a meeting to prevent coronavirus spread and how to manage a probable typhoon. However, the images displayed cannot be verified as to which date they were captured.

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