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Shopping During Covid 19: How to Keep Your Food Safe?

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Shopping During Covid 19:

There is no stopping of the global pandemic, and now we are all trying to live with it. Shopping during COVID 19 has become a massive concern as we need to stay safe from the indirect transmission.

Right now, even stepping out to get groceries have become a huge problem. We have all become germophobes and behave like people around us are untouchables.

To maintain hygiene during grocery shopping, we have noted down a few significant ways to do so. Keep reading to find out how you can shop safely and effectively.

Grocery shopping during COVID 19

A virologist Erin DiCaprio has given his expert suggestions through The Conversation. He shed light on how shoppers should follow specific guidelines to stay safe. He also cleared myths around shopping outside and how to avoid them. Check out the following points:

Washing all shopped vegetables

People have concerns regarding cleaning their food to keep away from contaminations. Right now, many people are cleaning veggies and fruits with liquid sanitizers. However, there are strict rules set against such usage.

Sanitizers are only to keep our hands safe. Using them on fresh ingredients can not only rip off their nutrients but also make them poisonous to consume. You need to wash it under running water and then use them.

The virologist also asked people not to use chemicals or soaps. Those can also be harmful to our bodies. Moreover, keep veggies or fruits submerged under a trapped sink can release deadly pathogens from the leftover food in the pipes of the sink. It can quickly contaminate the good food.

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Using gloves

Many people think that wearing gloves can save them from having coronavirus. Although, in some cases, it does help, for grocery shopping, it doesn’t. Moreover, it can do more harm than help as they can contribute to spreading.

The virologist said that what you touch at the grocery shelf is less worrying than someone breathing near you or other surfaces you come in touch with at the store. For example, if you have your gloves on and touch and infected shelf, further touch a vegetable with the same gloves, you can infect it easily. It is smarter to keep sanitizers handy and use them before touching a raw food item with unclean gloves.

Wearing a mask is most crucial

The chances of having a coronavirus infection through direct transmission are the highest. DiCaprio tells us that the infection spreads through the droplets in the air. So, wearing a mask is the most necessary aspect. It is the most important way of keeping away from coronavirus. Thus, no matter where you go, you must wear a face covering.

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