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Nationwide Lockdown Lifted in Japan by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

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According to the latest reports, there is no longer a state of emergency in Japan from today, May 25. The Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe took to an official press conference to declare the news about the nationwide lockdown. He says that the Government officials have declared relaxation in the COVID-19 restrictions in five out of 47 prefectures of the country starting from the end. He meant the capital city Tokyo and most of the regions surrounding the beautiful city. The Prime Minister also included Hokkaido or the northern island while mentioning the places that are released from the lockdown situation.

In his speech, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he and his cabinet have kept in mind several aspects before making the decision. The news conference was mainly organized by the Japanese Broadcast NHK. PM Abe also added that the places where they are withdrawing the lockdown have met certain criteria to be receiving the advantage. As mentioned earlier, it is still nothing significant because only five out of the 47 prefectures have met the criteria.

While starting the implementation of isolation and lockdown, Tokyo was the first prefecture to find a place on the list. Less than two weeks later, the rest of the country also had to shut down completely. It was because the cases of the coronavirus were increasing with every passing day. at a particular point Japan was reporting more than 1,000 cases every day. Fortunately, the graph is flattening slowly and steadily. Therefore, it has given the government all the reasons to resume normal business in most of the prefectures of Japan.

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In the press conference that was held today, Japan’s Prime Minister came out with the latest records of the coronavirus cases. He said that the cases have now dropped from 1,000 in a day to a few dozen per day. Besides, there were more than 10,000 patients in the hospitals around. Now, it has dropped down to around 2,000. So, ultimately there is a bright ray of hope that the country can come out of the coronavirus crisis soon. However, the condition is of course that the government has to make decisions wisely. Also, the people there should be cautious enough and stay safe.

Abe ascribed the positive improvements to what he touted as the “Japanese model”. The model incorporated sections across the country including. It also adds the highly sensitive situation statement and thorough principles for social separating. He added that the choice to lift the rest of the highly sensitive situation orders doesn’t change the proposal from government wellbeing authorities to evade swarmed spaces and close contact with others.

The decision has now brought the Prime Minister in the face of massive controversy and criticism. The media went to the extent of openly saying that Shinzo Abe’s approval rating is as low as 29%. According to them, most of the hatred comes from the way the people are seeing him handling the coronavirus pandemic. They also find him responsible for the Japanese recession.

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