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Life-threatening minus degrees in the USA

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Life-threatening minus degrees

A tremendous cold snap is currently hitting the Midwest of the United States. Life-threatening minus degrees has remained in the USA.  Thursday will be minus 33 degrees in the Chicago metropolis, which is one of the hardest-hit cities in the Great Northern Lakes.  The shores of Lake Michigan are entirely frozen. Also, in New York, passersby protect themselves from the cold, down to the subway.  Almost completely masked, these people are waiting for a meter.  At minus 27 degrees Celsius, this passer’s eyelashes freeze on Rock Island, Illinois.  John C. Anderson, 74, of Silvis, Illinois, is making torso-free climates outdoors despite the life-threatening cold.  “It’s a historically cold day, and I wanted to do something no one else dares to do,” says Anderson, known for his physical stunts.


National service is working for Life-threatening minus degrees


At the same time, the National Weather Service warned of frostbite and cold damage that could immediately occur on unprotected areas of skin.  Not just recreational athletes, the cold invites others to experiment – this soap bubble freezes instantly due to low negative degrees.  This young woman does a cold test with boiling water: thrown from the container into the air, the liquid freezes before touching the ground.  The video from which the still image was taken is from Chicago. The east coast is also under the cold bell.  Freezing winds blew through the streets of Manhattan on Wednesday (photo).  New York City is preparing for the arrival of the cold snap spreading from the Midwest.  Steam over Lake Michigan. Natural glasses offer postcard-compatible views for photographers.


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The situation becomes worst because of Life-threatening minus degrees


Life-threatening minus degrees


According to weather forecasts, the extreme cold spell should continue until Sunday.  Then the temperatures should rise again – sometimes by up to 30 degrees.  Then it could even get warm like spring in some places.  A satellite image taken on Wednesday shows the size of the polar vortex that is sweeping across the United States. According to authorities, up to 27 people across the country died from freezing temperatures.  Sometimes a quarter of the US population. The USA  It was affected by the cold snap.  Some of the 21 deaths were frozen to death; others died in weather-related accidents.  Many cases are still under investigation to determine the exact cause of death.


Many cities covered with fog because of Life-threatening minus degrees


After the brief heat surge over the weekend, values ​​in some parts of the country should drop well below zero in the following days. The situation of the USA is not right; Life-threatening minus degrees are present in a few cities in the USA.   In many cities, significant temperature fluctuations fear problems such as the bursting of supply lines, potholes in streets, and unstable bridges.


Life-threatening minus degrees


Millions of people in the Midwest have to prepare for an extreme cold snap with temperatures of minus 34 degrees Celsius and below.  The National Weather Service (NWS) warned Tuesday (local time) of “life-threatening Arctic winds” and perceived temperatures around minus 45 degrees.


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Which cities show minus 16 degree


The states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin are also including  in the Midwestern United States.  In Moorhead, near Fargo, Minnesota, the thermometer shows minus 16 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday, the equivalent of just under minus 27 degrees Celsius. In this situation, the public of the USA is preparing themself  for these Life-threatening minus degrees.  


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