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How Can US Foreign Policies Change if Joe Biden Wins 2020 Elections?

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If our former Vice President Joe Biden wins the elections in 2020, there is a possibility of changes in the foreign policy. The regulations might reverse, dismantle, or curtail severely. Donald Trump has taken many bold actions all through his tenure. But we might see changes if there is a new President.

From the Middle East to Asia, from Latin America to Africa, especially Europe, there will be several new policies in terms of trade, arms, terrorism, immigration, and more. The Democratic nominee and his advisers have promised to bring a huge change in the way the United States handles itself in international areas.

There are a few exceptions but Americans can expect the potentially new President to re-engage with old allies. On one hand, Trump has been blunt with insults and threats, on the other hand, Biden promises to be on common ground.

How the United States changed foreign policy under the Trump government?

The policies in the United States didn’t see a drastic change when the presidency shifted from Democratic to Republican governments. The adversaries and allies have remained the same and a non-partisan diplomatic corps took interest in America. However, with Trump, this came to a change. Trump levied the “America First” policy and looked at the allies and foreign policies with doubt. He spoke warmly of adversaries like Vladimir Putin of Russia and Kim Jong Un from North Korea. However, it was hard for Trump to make quick changes.

Academics say that the foreign policy of the United States is like an aircraft carrier – it is easy to order a whole lot of changes in the direction from the bridge but the process of alternation is time-consuming and difficult.

Trump got a vivid idea of this when he wasn’t able to extricate the US from Iran nuclear deal for more than one year. Even with his well-publicized claims for withdrawals from Paris Climate Accord and WHO, even these won’t come to the place by November 3 – the date of elections. Moreover, his decision to deploy German troops again might take years.

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The initial problems faced by Trump might have reflected a lack of expertise by him and his advisers. It created a learning curve that was complicated by distrust towards the national security institutions.

How Joe Biden can bring in a comparative difference?

Biden and his Senate have an experience of the White House and its functionality. He will have more chances of making the right choices and implement them swiftly. Biden reported that he knows how to get things done internationally. He also said that he knows national security issues and intelligence issues. He said that he has done this all his life while Trump has no idea of it.

Biden’s campaign assembled an expert team to advise on foreign policies. The deputy assistant who served President Barack Obama, named Jake Sullivan, was also present. He has been a policy planning director at the State Department. The meeting also included Nicholas Burns who had a high position in the foreign policies under President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton. The deputy secretary of state and national security adviser of Obama was Tony Blinken. Moreover, Susan Rice, the national security adviser, and UN ambassador under the former President might be our new Vice President if Joe Biden comes to power. However, if she isn’t selected, she will be the chief adviser for Biden.

What does Joe Biden promise to do?

Biden promises to demolish Trump’s policies on the first day of his governance if elected. It includes Trump’s ban on immigration policies from Muslim countries. He wishes to restore the funding towards WHO and the halting efforts to stop the Paris Climate Accord. Biden promises to call top NATO leaders and send out the new foreign policy of the United States. He wishes to say that they are back by hosting a summit with major heads of the state in the very first year of his governance.

One aspect that will need a little more nuance is the relationship with China. Trump has placed his concerns with China on the top of the foreign policy. He has also painted Biden weak in front of the public expressing his tolerance.

Trump had once boasted of having strong ties with China’s leader Xi Jinping. However, things changed due to the coronavirus outbreak as it threatens his re-election prospects.

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Biden has been slow in terms of directly criticizing Trump’s action against China. However, his campaign questions if the president will eventually undermine the administration’s rigid actions towards Beijing or not. A campaign foreign policy adviser, Jeff Prescott said that the administration has a long history of talking loudly but doesn’t produce results.

Potential plan of action by Joe Biden

Joe Biden said that he will restore daily press briefings at the White House, Pentagon, and State Department. The events were once very important to communicate the policies of the country. However, the Trump government has neglected the same. Biden, along with his surrogates, plans to do the following for the:

Middle East

They plan to restore the assistance to Palestinian Authority that Trump had rejected along with the agencies that supported Palestinian refugees. However, Biden hasn’t said that he plans to change Trump’s recognition towards Jerusalem as the Israel capital or return embassy to Tel Aviv.

United Nations

They plan to restore the membership of the United States with UN agencies like UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. They will also try to incorporate the U. N. Human Rights Council.


Trump has used ways to berate and humiliate allies from Europe. Joe Biden is expected to spread warmth among the NATO partners.


They will try to improve America’s profile in front of Africa. The continent has become a new battlefield for competition with China.


They will revert back to the old stance by the country and support the presence of the American army in South Korea and Japan. Joe Biden criticized Donald Trump’s relationship with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un.

Latina America

Biden plans to cancel the agreements made by the Trump administration, which made immigrants looking for asylums to go to Mexico and other countries while awaiting court dates. He also promises to divert funding away from the southern border wall and make better use of it. However, Trump’s campaign state that Biden hasn’t committed to halting new border wall constriction. Biden wishes to restart Obama-era engagement with Cuba.

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