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Donald Trump Wears Mask for First Time During COVID-19 Pandemic

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While several people in the US have not been wearing masks or maintaining safety protocols for the coronavirus, much of it is related to how the government is allowing freedom of choice. The President himself has not spoken against people not wearing masks or maintaining social distancing measures to contain the virus. However, recently he was seen wearing a mask in the public while visiting a military hospital. He took a short helicopter ride from the White House last Saturday. The President now seems to take the surge of the coronavirus seriously as the country is leading in cases. Experts and aids of Donald Trump have urged him to follow guidelines on face masks for safety.

Trumps wear mask

Trump visited the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center that locates in suburban Washington DC to meet service members who were wounded. The intension was also to meet healthcare providers taking care of coronavirus patients.

While leaving the White House, he spoke to the reporters and said that people should wear masks especially in hospitals. The only other time when the President was seen to wear a mask was during the tour of the Ford plant in May. At that time, he had refused to wear masks in the public as he didn’t want to give the press the idea.

Recently, many people working closely with the President have tested positive of COVID-19. Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Jr was tested positive on July 3 before Trump’s rally at Mount Rushmore. The couple went into quarantine immediately.

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Trump had worn a dark-colored face mask when he visited the hospital on Saturday. The entourage walking with him wear also wearing masks. Prominent Republicans, including VP Mike Pence and Senate leader Mitch McConnell, have promoted wearing masks later than they should have. This comes after the severity of the coronavirus cases across America. However, both Trump and Pence had eschewed masks during the early months of coronavirus spike through Seattle, New York, and California. These are also among the worst-hit places in the country.

Trump’s take on wearing masks

America is the worst-hit country due to the coronavirus and the cases are increasing every day. Hospitals in the western and southern states are under severe strain. The public has stated that commercial spaces reopened too soon, especially because the President urged them to do so.

People working with Trump have reported to the press that he feared that a face mask would make him look weak and worried. They also mentioned that it would have shifted focus on health than economic recovery.

Trump has sent out a mixed signal about wearing masks. He has acknowledged people to wear masks indoors when in closed environments as more people are together. He has also accused reporters who wore masks and called them “politically correct”. Trump has also made fun of the potential Democratic nominee for presidentship, Joe Biden as he has been actively wearing masks.

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