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Domestic Violence During Lockdown: An Increasing Problem

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Domestic Violence During Lockdown

Before the worldwide lockdown, most governments did little to battle sex-based viciousness or domestic violence. While pretty much every government would communicate their duty to end it, reporting a large number of arrangements and plans were the only things visible to us. Besides, most were immediately abandoned, arriving with a dull crash on the floors of parliaments and presidential workplaces everywhere in the world. As a result, all that we see now is an increase if domestic violence during lockdown.

The troubling truth is that despite the hyperbolic kumbaya of crusades to end domestic violence against women, nothing seems to work. Till date, most of the women who have become victims of domestic violence, the accused is someone close to them. In most cases, women are wronged by a family member such as husband, brother, uncle, father, and more. According to experts, there is a major reason why all policies against domestic violence are failing terribly. It is because there is a lack of strategy in the campaigns and funds in the intervention. What is the use of such top-notch promises if all we can read about is increasing cases of domestic violence during lockdown.

Domestic violence during lockdown

The world is going through very tough situations and it seems mother Nature is punishing us for all the wrong we did to her. What will it take for the world to realize that every woman deserves respect no matter what? However, the silver lining to the story is that there is a visible improvement in a few aspects during this lockdown. Probably for the very first time in the history of the world, some nations are taking drastic steps to control domestic violence during lockdown. The measures include funding for victims of domestic abuse, secret codes to express domestic violence, and mask-19 requests.

Several other measures are being undertaken against any kind of domestic violence. For example, developing special police units, releasing funds for shelters, and more. Along with domestic violence against women, child abuse also needs priority now. There are countries where there are hundreds of cases of child and woman abuse come up. Now, several of these cases are being addressed and resolved too. However, a lot still needs to be done.

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The lockdown situation has given abusers free will to carry on with their misdeeds. However, the state governments are taking clever measures of implementing emergency warning options in supermarkets. Besides, several hotels are being funded to act as shelters for victims of domestic violence until the time they can reach home. There are also pop-up centers for counseling in many places.

Why did the governments not act wisely before?

One explanation the lockdown has set off these mediations is that governments are in emergency mode. They are therefore taking a look at the COVID-related effects for every single social sickness including domestic violence. Apart from that, looking after access to lodging and food security, particularly for children has also become more important now. It is the worldwide disaster and the impact this has on society in general, that has prompted these viable, and inventive measures. However, the fact is that these measures have consistently been important, and will keep on being so post-lockdowns. It is also because there are thousands of women in the world who cannot leave their abusers despite facing domestic violence at home. The governments need to stand as a pillar for such helpless people so that they can take a stand for themselves.

Another answer is that the protests of abusive behavior at home have expanded since the lockdown, in certain nations by as much as 50 percent. Ladies are compelled to stay at home due to the lockdown and don’t have access to the usual points of contact. However, this does not mean that before the pandemic took place, it was easier for abused women to flee homes. While any woman is free to leave home if they feel they are being oppressed, it has become almost impossible in this scenario.

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Is the pandemic a weapon for abuse?

In the wake of the coronavirus, several abusers are using it as a weapon to abuse their wives and girlfriends. They have found newer ways to use COVID-19 as an excuse to isolate the victim. Some cases report of men in the house threatening a woman to throw her out to purposely expose her to the deadly virus. That is the extent of brutality women are facing in the form of domestic violence during lockdown.

There are more unfortunate cases of murders too. According to sources, the fact that it is frustrating for some men to stay at home is giving them reasons to beat up a woman or threaten her. Sadly, there are hundreds of women in this world who are dependent on their husbands or the men in the house financially and emotionally. As a result, they are not being able to come out or trust people who are trying to help them. However, since the governments are taking drastic steps, several cases are being highlighted. Plus, early reports increase the scope of action, and things can be controlled faster too.

Thought of the day

Till the time we will keep believing in political systems that create barriers for the liberation of women, there will be no development whatsoever. There will be no hope for the elimination of violence based on gender. Abusers will keep increasing in numbers knowing that there is no strict law to control their actions.

The pandemic is teaching us valuable lessons. While on the one hand, we are learning to become more considerate about everything, it is also opening our eyes to all the violence that happens around us every day. These are the same victims who find solace in their empty homes when their abusers are out at work. So, we should act more responsible and help women in need. Just like being united is a way to fight the virus, it is also how we can get rid of domestic violence.

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