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Reopening of schools sparks controversy in the UK

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Reopening of schools

The National Union of Education called for more “solid scientific evidence, and evidence”.  The Association of School Leaders is concerning about the “major logistical problems” it raises. Primary schools began reopening in England on Monday. A step in the lack of confidence that many consider precipitous in the second country in the world with the most deaths from coronavirus. Despite the infection showing signs of remission. In this article I’ll give information about Reopening of schools that sparks controversy in United Kingdom.

Only the United States, with a population five times more massive, has more deaths from COVID-19: 

The United Kingdom had 39,045 confirmed deaths on Monday, 111 more than the day before. The numbers at the beginning of the week are always low due to delays in registrations on Saturday and Sunday. But it is still the lowest daily balance since the beginning of the confinement on March 23. And ” important progress,” said Health Minister Matt Hancock at the daily press conference on the crisis. In this context, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure to relax restrictions with high economic and social costs. 

Reopening of schools: Parental reluctance

They are all considered changes, and we take these decisions very seriously, ” Hancock said. But these measures apply only to England, because the autonomous governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland follow their own, much slower, schedules. As of Monday, he authorised the meetings of six people outdoors and the resumption of sports competitions: pigeon racing, horse riding and billiards began, and the Premier League must do it on 17 behind closed doors. They also reopened car dealerships and foreign markets.

Some parents are also concerned about the prospect during corona pandemic 

Reopening of schools

And even in England, the reopening of schools is seen by many as premature. The National Union of Education called for more ” solid scientific evidence, and evidence ” and the Association of School Leaders is concerned about the ” major logistical problems ” it raises. We cannot promise parents that their children will always be two meters away, ” said Bryony Baynes, the principal of a primary school in Worcester, in the west of England, when the students were back on the path to classrooms. Some parents are also concerned about the prospect. 

Reopening of schools: Helping disadvantaged children

In Northeast London, the Halley House School opened its doors to the youngest students, applying distancing measures and a lot of hand washing. Teachers unions opposed but its principal, Claire. Syms, claims to believe that. It is safe for our students to be here .Going back to school should be a positive experience for them. A study by the National Foundation for Educational Research among 1,200 school principals showed that almost half of families plan to keep their children at home.

Final conclusion on reopening of schools

The Commissioner for Children, Anne Longfield. Even asked the government to organize summer schools to help .” The most disadvantaged ” children to regain lost ground during the months of confinement. You know now about the Reopening of schools during coronavirus in the United Kingdom.

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