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Amy Coney Barrett Hailed as the New Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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Amy Coney Barrett Hailed as the New Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

The breaking news is that Amy Coney Barrett is now the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. On Monday, October 26, the historical event took place after a unanimous voting confirmation by the whole Senate. Barrett won the majority nomination confirmation with a 52-48 voting ratio.

Finally, she was welcomed in place of Late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away on September 18 after her long battle with Cancer. Justice Clarence Thomas conducted the swearing-in ceremony of the new Chief Justice. Moreover, the event took place in an intimate ceremony in the garden area of the White House.

As part of her swearing speech, Amy Coney Barrett says that she finds it in her privilege to serve her country. Therefore, she feels humbled by the kind of honor that the country is giving her today. Moreover, she promises the nation to ensure that all her rulings are free from any political influences.

The administer of the final judicial oath is Chief Justice John Roberts. The event is to take place in the Supreme Court Office itself. Barrett’s participation in the Supreme Court operations will bring the Conservatives to have a 6-3 majority in the office.

Pledge by Amy Coney Barrett to serve the nation.

Barrett pledges that she will perform her job in all honesty and without any favor or fear. Besides, she promises never to let any personal or political pressure affect any of her decisions. Amy Coney Barrett states that she will happily devote herself to the protection of her country. Moreover, she feels that it is a lifetime opportunity to express her love and gratitude for the democratic republic and the Constitution.

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Amy Coney Barrett is still now the third Chief Justice whose appointment was under the supervision of President Donald Trump. He took office in 2017, and since then, the choice of Chief Justice has become full of controversies. At the swearing ceremony of Barrett, President Trump gives a powerful speech. He says that the Constitution is the ultimate protector of the country’s liberty.

The cornerstone of the Constitution is the precise application of the country’s law and order. Therefore, as the President of America, he feels ultimate honor and solemnity in appointing Supreme Court Chief Justices. Trump did not forget to mention the Late Ruth Bader Ginsburg during the event. He states that she was a true example of a pioneer. Besides, Amy Coney Barrett will be the first candidate to become the Chief Justice at this age. While she is the fifth woman to hold that position, she is younger than all the previous justices.

COVID guidelines followed in full form during the swearing ceremony.

According to the reports of the local news channels, there was proper maintenance of social distancing during October 26. There was a gap of at least a few feet between each of the 200 chairs. Moreover, everyone present in the event was wearing a mask because that was a compulsory guideline. It was the confirmation ceremony of Justice Barrette in the Rose Garden of the White House that proved to be dangerous. It was soon after the event that several people, including Donald Trump, who was attending it, tested COVID positive.

The confirmation voting that took place on Monday resulted in quite a majority in favor of Barrett. Out of the minimum people who did not agree on the confirmation was Senate Susan Collins of the Maine Republic. She is a part of the re-election process and has long declared her choice to be a part of the Democrats.

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Following the voting session, Mitch McConnell, Republican Leader, took her Twitter to announce the good news. She was in all praises for Barrett and declared her as one of the best nominees for the position to date. On the other hand, Chuck Schumer, Democratic Leader, states that the decision was one of the gloomiest days in the American Senate’s history, over two centuries old.

The appointment of the new Chief Justice welcomes massive protests.

Soon after the official confirmation and announcement, Democrats started assailing the decision. According to them, it was a rush and illegitimate decision to satisfy political reasons. They believe that Barrett’s confirmation means there will now be adverse effects on the ruling system, especially abortion. The Democrats are now worried about the civil rights and the Affordable Care Act of the common people.

Schumer said that the nation remains a witness to the event that suppresses the common people’s will. There can be nothing more terrible than the lifetime selection of a candidate in the middle of an election. Senate Vice President Mike Pence was not available on his seat during the event of final voting. Therefore, presiding over the proceedings was the temporary President, Senator Charles Grassley.

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