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America’s technology: That we should know

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America's technology

Although, in many ways, we already lived the imaginary world in the 60s and 70s. The United States previously developed the barely dreamed world at the beginning of this century. A phrase a thousand times repeated in recent years is that technology advances by gigantic steps.  Although trite, the formula not only does not lose validity. It almost seems that it is beginning to fall slightly short. Here I’ll give you a piece of information about America’s technology.

In reality, the speed at which technology is advancing today is such that what used to take a couple of decades before to happen. Today is no more than a couple of decades. You have to consume many media outlets to try to catch up with what that goes on sale and what prepared in the developers’ labs.

Movie worlds

If we look only a little at what already exists. Among so many novelties previously thought only as props in science fiction movies. We have drones, which are nothing more than planes flying on their own. We also have autonomous cars, and with one of them Google goes around the world. But there are also rockets with vertical refuge. All of these, advances made by US companies and technicians.

The face of Europe in crisis today

America's technology


Although, for some analysts, technological advances are beginning to be used as political arguments. To demonstrate superiority in an insipid new version of the cold war between the West and the East. The truth is that the USA notices strong in this way. Especially in the face of Europe in crisis today.

As Michael Chui, director of a study conducted by consulting firm McKinsey & Co. Recently reported to the media, considering the 12 most economically essential technologies today. The United States leads most of them.

America’s technology: The new World

These technologies are the mobile internet, artificial intelligence and data analysis. The interconnection of the real with the virtual world. The computational cloud, genome research, new energy sources, or 3D printers. Undoubtedly, the United States benefits directly both from its economic capacity, as well as its installed capacity in equipment. They hired personnel from all over the world, political stability within its borders, and the excellent reputation of its scientists.

Conclusion on america’s technology

All this gives them human material with high scientific capacity. Besides  funding in all kinds of technological institutions, universities, large companies, or isolated ventures that.  According to many, are the not-so-secret ingredients of crucial developments for today’s world. Such as iPhone or Facebook. I hope you get information now about America’s technology. 


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