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What Do You Need to Start Growing Cannabis?

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The cannabis plant is a hardy plant. Wild cannabis can be seen growing in roadsides, meadows, forests, and anywhere there’s good soil, lots of suns and a good water source. Growers get instructions and inspiration from nature as they grow their supply or as they cultivate cannabis commercially. It is by understanding what cannabis naturally need to grow healthy and productive will you be able to successfully get better yields.  

Indoor Or Outdoor Growing Space

Some cannabis strains grow perfectly outdoors, but some may prefer a sheltered life. Therefore, the very first thing you need to decide on is where to cultivate your crops. Consider the cannabis strain you’re growing, your space at home, and your capabilities to grow different strains.  

If you have ample growing space indoors, then you may find it more convenient to grow your plants indoors. For this, consider the type of strain, the needs of the strain, and your equipment since indoor growing requires a complete growing setup.

For an outdoor growing area, take note of the weather or climate in your area. Is this conducive to the outdoor cannabis strain you want to grow? Also, consider your security and safety. You may need to erect tall fences, set up locks, and monitoring equipment to protect your crops.  

The Best Viable Seeds

After you’ve decided on the ideal setup, the next part is looking for cannabis seeds to plant. Buy from a reputable seed bank and make sure to take advantage of promos, deals, and discounts. Look for any advice on how to germinate cannabis seeds. Remember, viable cannabis seeds are dark, round, and smooth seeds with hardly any flaws like scratches, dents, marks, holes, or openings. Also, viable seeds sink or settle at the bottom of a glass of water when left for a short while.

Growing Medium

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There are several growing mediums to choose from. You can grow directly in the soil, in a pot with soil, in water or hydroponics, and air or aeroponic growing. There are several advantages and disadvantages of each type, and it’s best to weigh your options so you can provide the best care for your cannabis plants. 

First-time growers may prefer to use a grow kit. This is a kit that comes with all the materials you need to grow a marijuana plant. The best grow kits are kits that come with a soil growing mix, a few pieces of cannabis seeds, a pack of fertilizer or supplements for cannabis plants, and some instructions. Click here to know more basic kits may also include small pots and some labels.  

Growing Environment

Cannabis plants require specific growing requirements. You need to understand these to be able to provide the best care. Just an example, germinating seeds and seedlings require higher humidity while plants in the growing phase and flowering phase need lower humidity levels.

When growing outdoors, it’s easy just to leave your plants in the hands of Mother Nature, letting natural light, the soft breezes and rain or moisture create the right growing environment for your plants. But indoors, you need to provide the most conducive environment from lighting, humidity, water, and temperature. For these, you need the correct growing equipment such as lighting, humidifier, fans and water distribution systems                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Cannabis Supplements And Water

Most successful growers use supplements in the form of fertilizer mixes to improve the health of their plants. There are different fertilizers in the growing phase and flowering phase, and you can purchase these from local garden supplies shops.

When it comes to watering your plants, you need a safe water source. Also, water when the soil is dry and not when the soil is moist or wet. Use a pot with adequate holes to allow you to drain excess water and fertilizer away from the roots.   

Pest Control And Monitoring

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Whether you cultivate your plants indoors or outdoors, pest control is significant. The most common pests are molds and mites. These pests are very dangerous since these can eat your plants, buds and all, and leave you with nothing. The best way is to prevent pests by being diligent and to avoid fluctuations in humidity and temperature inside your growing area.

A Lot Of Patience And Time

Successful growers invest a lot of patience and time in cultivating their plants. They learn how to apply fertilizer, how to select the right soil, and how to determine the best strain to grow and more. Most learn by trial and error, while some learn by the book following grow bibles and guides made by experienced and professional growers. 

It can take time to learn how to grow cannabis successfully, but with proper guidance, techniques, and tips, you’ll be able to grow all kinds of strains and get the best yields like a pro. 

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