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Leap into a new world with Live Quantum Blackjack

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Live Quantum Blackjack

When it comes to entertaining live Blackjack, there’s nothing that will hit the spot more than Live Quantum Blackjack. Although one of the many live editions of the game, how this version differs is that it takes all of the best bits of a centuries-old game with a few tricks and treats added into the mix. As a live dealer game, all cards and icons displayed on the screen will be seen in all of their HD glory via the web stream. This online live dealer casino game is a great way to take your gambling experience to new, quantum, levels with unique multiplier cards, an initial wager of only one coin and the chance to win up to 1,000x your original stake.

The aim of the game is the same as any Blackjack variation. You must beat the dealer to gain a win, mostly by hitting a total of 21. Once you have placed your wager, somewhere between 1 and 500 coins, you’ll receive your two face-up cards. After this, the dealer will receive their two cards – one face up and the other remaining hidden. Then you will get the chance to choose whether you want to “hit”, to take another card, or “stand”, which means sticking to your total. As with the traditional version of the game, you can also split pairs and double down on totals of 11 or under. 

But what makes Live Quantum Blackjack that little bit more special is the multiplier cards that are on offer. Between one to three multiplier cards are dealt before each round and are shown in the top right of the screen. These cards can help boost your payouts by 3x, 5x or 10x your original stake. The way it works is quite simple – if a card in your hand matches a multiplier card and you win the hand; your prize will be boosted. If a winning hand contains more than one multiplier card, your payout is boosted the result of one card’s bonus multiplied by the other, similar to how a double would be calculated when betting on horses and such. And if you’re really lucky, and you find yourself with a hand containing three cards which all match the multipliers, then your payout will greatly increase by 1,000x your original bet!

The game’s RTP – Return to Player – when playing Live Quantum Blackjack is set at a respectable 96%, meaning you are very likely to win back a close amount to what the casino will make from your gameplay. This is a score that is based on the multiplier feature, as well as the fact that a betting round goes on to be declared a draw if the dealer goes “bust” within three cards. These subtle twists, along with the fact that you can still make 21 + 3 and perfect pair side bets, all whilst picking up standard 3/2 payouts, means that there are always multiple ways in which you can find your win at the forever exciting Live Quantum Blackjack table!

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