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5 interesting facts about welcome bonus in online casino

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Online casinos are on the rise, and they let you experience the thrill of an offline actual casino experience. Casinos now are varied and plentiful and offer plenty of benefits such as welcome bonuses and premium opportunities as well as certain offers and coupons for a new customer to attract and expand the audience base as well existing ones to retain them as consumers and keep them engaged. 

Casino bonuses are hugely popular and can be availed by most players; these are most prevalently used as extra and additional funds or deposits that can be invested into playing and enjoying more casino games that are available on the given specific platform.

It acts as a promotional practice as well as a benefit to the old and existing customers. The welcome bonus offered by casinos focuses on new customers joining the platform and availing the service of enjoying the games. Thus when the new player makes the account or his/her first deposit, while fulfilling the minimum wage requirements, they can begin to play, avail the bonus, and enjoy the winnings.

Usually, the premium bonus attracts a lot of customers and is it the most prized and valued reward there is. 

  1. Welcome bonus’ entailments 

The welcome bonus consists of two parts: a 100% deposit match up to a specified limit as well as a set number of extra spins. The bonus is fairly accessible and requires a bonus code that is officially provided by the casino on its official website and requires a certain bonus. The minimum wage required is 39 times for each of the two; extra spins and bonus cash.

2. Minimum wager

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This simply signifies the minimum threshold of deposit money and round a player needs to play and invest into before he or she can withdraw the rewards and winnings he has collected during the game. Thus obviously, a low threshold or wager requirement would lead and enable a player to extract his winnings much earlier and not invest a lot of resources into the game.

3.  Time threshold 

The bonuses come with their own time period restrictions and rules which require the player to use his or her bonus in a given time frame or else they might lose the opportunity to miss out on great prizes and offers. It’s a good practice to keep a check on all these details before jumping into the game and grabbing the bonus; it’s also smart to check beforehand whether the game you wish to play and invest into the service since not all games offer free spins, but that feature is enabled only in a selected few.

4. Extra spins 

These are awarded to new players using a special code, and according to the government regulations, all players must be of legal age. On the initial deposit, the player receives a bonus and extra spins which are extremely rewarding. The reward ratio on the free spins is crazy and is along with the whooping range of 39 times the initial stake amount that is deposited.

The total number of extra spins can be used across any number of slot games or can be invested into a single one; also, it is up to the player. The most popular games where this facility is available is Starburst, Hotline, Jumanji, Spinata Grande and Witchcraft Academy. Only one bonus can be activated at a single time, and the player cannot possibly link or combine a number of bonuses together.

5. Casino Bonus

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This is the second bonus that is a part of the welcome bonus. The bonus has the standard conditions as mentioned in the extra spins condition and details. The player must be of legal age and a new player to the platform, employing a fresh deposit, using a special bonus code provided by the platform itself. Here the bonus can only be availed by players who use the main currency of GBP while making their specific deposits and is an important point to note. Here the minimum wage is not present, and the player can withdraw and pull out his winnings anytime he wishes to. Any activity needs to be facilitated through the official website of the gaming platform, and the maximum bonus that can be earned is 100 times more than the initial stake under a specified top limit. The minimum deposit to begin playing is as low as 10 euros on certain websites and thus can prove to be absolutely rewarding. The player needs to begin the game with a deposit within a week of availing the bonus and wagering limit is 39 times and must be met before getting access to the winnings. 

The bonus slots play a huge role here.

The welcome bonus proves to be a real incentive to people who are just starting out to play and get acquainted with the platform.

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