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Betting on Non-UK Websites – Is It Safe?

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Betting on Non-UK Websites – Is It Safe

Players who decide to take a break from gambling or players who have self-excluded from online gambling to curb compulsive behavior (or for other reasons) have the option to play at online casino websites that are not based in the UK. These websites are popularly known as “Non-UK” Casinos, and they are used by players from around the globe to participate in legal gambling activities.

As with any other monetary investment, players are generally cautious about wagering at these Non-UK websites. While it is certainly within the players’ rights to question a business before investing their money into gambling activities with their service, there are a few misconceptions about betting at these sites that keep players scared of them.

Read on as we find out whether or not it is safe to bet on these Non-UK Online Casinos. For more information on Betting Sites not on GamStop, you can click this link.

What are the Non-UK Casinos?

Non-UK Casinos are online gambling services that are not officially licensed by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission). UKGC is the authority that issues licenses to all functional casinos within the United Kingdom. If a player had stepped away from gambling using the official Gamstop service and now wishes to resume gambling activities, he or she can choose to play at a non-UK casino that does not fall under the umbrella of Gamstop.

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Are These Casinos Licensed?

Even though these casinos do not hold a UKGC license, they are licensed by the Gambling Authority belonging to some other country. Some of these countries include Sweden, Curacao, Malta, and Madagascar, etc. It allows the UK operators to open a “Non-UK” casino where British and other citizens from around the globe can participate in online gambling.

Why Should You Choose Non-UK Casinos?

As stated earlier, you can choose to play at these casinos if you want to play while your Gamstop self-exclusion service is active, but this is not the only reason for players to prefer this alternative to UK casinos. These casinos offer a greater range of games and more often than not they offer better welcome bonuses and deposit rewards for new and existing players. Please note that if you have a history of problem gambling, you should refrain from using these websites to bypass Gamstop.

Is It Safe to Play at Non-UK Casinos?

This question does not have a simple answer. As with everything else, there are good and bad business practices everywhere. As a player, you should research your options and choose a non-UK casino that seems trustworthy based on real user reviews and make a well-informed decision.

Although these websites are licensed from official licensing authorities, there might be some scammers lurking about, looking to make quick cash from unsuspecting customers. It is where your research and prep about the casino operations will come in handy.

It is not to say that the non-UK casinos are not trustworthy. There is a list of options available that comprises online casinos that offer 100 percent legal dealings and safeguards for player rights. Reading about the casino practices and customer services, etc. can go a long way in ensuring an enjoyable online gambling experience at the non-UK gaming casino of your choice.

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