Home Lifestyle Worried about the safety of your pets? Here are ways to feel more secure

Worried about the safety of your pets? Here are ways to feel more secure

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Worried about the safety of your pets? Here are ways to feel more secure

The safety and security of their pets is a concern of every pet owner because no one wants to lose their beloved pets. For most of the people, the pets are like family members because of their affection, loyalty and energy and their loss can take a heavy toll on both owners and the pets. Most people take precautionary measures for the safety of their pets like keeping them inside the home, keeping an eye on them and tie with them leash but these measures can sometimes be not enough, and pets can wander away. And as far as leashes are concerned, they are great choice but you cannot keep your pet tie all the time as it is not possible and can be harmful to the mental and physical health of the animal, hence, owners have to let the pets roam free, but they can get hurt or being stolen in this case. To resolve, all these issues of pet owners, K9 Electronics have made Electric Dog Fence for the safety and security of your pet.

Following are some of the latest products by K9 Electronics developed for the safety of your pets.

1.    Dogtra EF-3500

The Dogtra EF-3500 is the best safety choice for your dog as small as 10 lbs and can cover an area up to 40 acres. With this fence, your dog can play safely in the electronically wired area. Additional features added in this product for the safety are Non-Stimulation vibration to warn the pet before the static vibration, continuous update of the status of the fence, sleeping mode on in case of the pet inside the boundaries and many others. These features are easy to control and install. Through Ef-3500, the owners can leave their pets in open to play and have fun while being in a secure area.

2.    SportsDog Wire and Flag Kit

This product is a combination of wire and flags-as mentioned in the name to keep your pet safe. This kit has 500 feet of cable with 50 boundary flags, 2 wire nuts, and 2 waterproof splices. This is the best option for you, if you don’t have much larger space around your house and want to have a safe playing area for your pet. This product is best of people who are not much tech-savvy as it is simple to use, simpler to install and even simpler to maintain.

3.    PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier

This safety item is for inside use only and security of pets, family members and belongings. The PetSafe Pawz Away is used to keep the pets away from some of the areas inside the house for their own safety like kitchen and trash counters. You just have to put the transmitter at a safe place in the house, you want your pet to avoid. The transmitter will emit a series of stimulations whenever your pet approaches this area, and he will slowly learn to avoid that place, hence a safe environment for him and yourself.

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