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What Is the Likelihood of a Plane Crash? 5 Facts to Know

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likelihood of a plane crash

Air travel is one of the major technological advancements that has made the world a small global village. Notwithstanding, there are several drawbacks such as the likelihood of a plane crash.

A 2015 statistic showed that the odds of dying in a plane stand at 1 in 11 million. Below are 5 more facts you should know.

1. Commercial Aircraft Go Through Rigorous Testing Before They’re Sold to Airlines

Planes go through an immense amount of testing before they are even allowed to take off. Tests conducted include the wing flexibility test, as well as the ingestion test where a water experiment is done to verify that water won’t get into the engines.

Additionally, tests for emergencies such as lightning strikes are also conducted.

2. Air Travel Is the Safest Mass Transportation Method

The underlying question is – which airlines have had the least and most accidents?

A 2018 review showed that the two airlines which have carried the highest number of passengers without a fatal accident are Ryanair and EasyJet.

Unlike in car accidents where legal proceedings are easily conducted and done away within due time, air crashes are more complex. As such, it’s important to have aviation attorneys on standby, who will conduct necessary investigations if the accident occurs.

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3. Turbulence Isn’t Always Hazardous

Turbulence is not a big safety concern as most people think. Turbulences are seen as normal however the likelihood of a plane crash caused by them is minimal.

Pilots are trained to avoid turbulence not because they are a big danger but simply because they are inconvenient. Up and down motions during a flight are natural but can be avoided by picking a convenient seat to avoid the motion.

4. You Have About 90 Seconds to Exit a Burning Plane

At this point, we have to agree that sometimes accidents are inevitable. However, a passenger on board has approximately one minute and thirty seconds to exit a burning plane, meaning the chance of survival is slim.

If the exit successful, the passenger can engage an aviation lawyer to take up the air crash litigation for purposes of damages.

5. Most Crashes Occur in the First Three or Last Eight Minutes of the Airlift

The likelihood of a plane crash takes place during the first three or last eight minutes of the flight. Therefore, in the event a crash does happen, a passenger should be alert to fight for the slimmest survival chance.

The logical explanation of the plus three, minus eight rules is normally weather flaws. Experts on plane crashes recommend that passengers stay sober during these periods in contemplation of possible crashes.

Likelihood of a Plane Crash

From the above, we note that indeed air crashes do happen. But it is also a clear fact that air travels are one of the safest modes of travel. Airplanes, receive emergency tests in contemplation of a possible catastrophe such as a lightning strike.

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Therefore it is true to conclude that the likelihood of a plane crash is minimal.

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