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What Does A Dehumidifier Do

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What Does A Dehumidifier Do

A dehumidifier technology is a great expectation for homes in the summer months and understanding the term “what does a dehumidifier do” takes you to know what humidity is all about. Because without humidity, the dehumidifying machine won’t be in existence.


This is the proportion of the amount of water present in the air at a specific period of time. Humidity is both good and dangerous to man and properties. The right level (relative humidity 40 – 60 percent) makes humidity good but a shift low or higher is not welcoming.

The higher range from 60% upward calls for a dehumidifying but how do you know your house is too humid when you literally have done nothing to check the level.

Checking Humidity

Ideally, to get a responsive answer, you need to carry out humidity check. This you can do with the aid of a hygrometer or humidity monitor. This device can be placed anywhere you notice high humidity trace and leave it to work for 24 hours. When you check back, you should be to see the current humidity level being displayed on the screen. If it’s below 60 percent, there is no problem but from 65% to 90%, indicates high home humidity and should be managed with urgency.

Although, without conducting humidity check, you can also detect from mildew and mold growth in the house. It could be in the basement or crawl space section. High humidity is what causes all these allergens which can be irritating to eyes and health. Mugginess and odor of rotten smell and also peeling or discolored walls are also signs of high humidity. 

Although there are other tales which we didn’t mention when you discover some of the aforementioned signs, you won’t be wrong if you say your home is housing more humidity than expected. On this basis of high humidity, you can then talk about how to remove it which thus leads to what a dehumidifier does, which is our focus.

What is a dehumidifier?

This technology was invented to manage high indoor humidity which is the opposite of humidifier that helps to increase humidity when it’s low. Nevertheless, a dehumidifier comes in different pint per day and different size. 

Spaces measuring up to 1000 square feet can make do with 30 pints/ day unit while areas up to 1,500 sq. ft. needs nothing less than 50-pint capacity. The 70pts dehumidifiers are ideal for homes up to 4,500 square feet. When you choose accordingly knowing the coverage area to dehumidify, the better result will be achieved and your unit will not overwork.

Since we already know a dehumidifier work is to reduce humidity, you’ll want to run your unit with peace of mind. Not because you want to remove humidity doesn’t mean you should be unrestful due to tank emptying. However, to stop unnecessary emptying of the tank every time, it pays to get a unit with a continuous draining option. This will let you attached a hose and extend it outside to dump the water while you go about your business.

Some models also come with safety features such as automatic shut off for full tank, that’s if you are using the bucket option and also when humidity level has reached a comfortable level. Castors is another friendly feature that makes the whole process easier whereby you need to dehumidify different rooms or location. The wheels will let you transport it effortlessly making sure excessive moisture is removed in all areas.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing too high humidity in your house, a dehumidifier is a proven device that works like magic. It is efficient and cost effective especially when you have an energy star rated model. After all that is said, don’t allow humidness to wreak havoc in your house or brings allergy situation, invest on one and start drying out the portion of humidity you don’t want in your house.

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