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How to Use QR Codes on Beer & Wine on Bottles or Cans?

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QR Codes on Beer

Recently, the quick responses or QR codes are seen on the beer cans and wine bottle labels. Most of you might also have been seeing them all consumer goods. Well, these codes are easily scannable and add a lot of value as well as an attraction for the beverage brands. There are a number of options available when it comes to generating the QR Codes and using a QR code generator. Therefore, the beer, wine or soda brands are choosing to invest in these codes along with pouring huge resources to create creative visual styles. The attractiveness on these cans can be easily enhanced by introducing the QR codes on them.

The comprehensive details of the beer or wine in question

To make your consumer a complete trust in your company and brand, it is ideal to enlighten them about the details of the story of your product and the ingredients used. For instance, if a consumer gets to know the type of artificial sweeteners that are being used or the details about the calories count, they will relate to your brand more. The QR codes help these brand achieve their mission of fetching more and more customers. Similarly, the information about different aspects like sustainability and carbon emissions can also be attached to these QR codes. This can be done by a short video that explains the story of the product in 1 minute, it straights adds value to your product!

The use of QR codes by beverages giants

There are many canned food companies that are using the QR Codes. Some of the giants like Coca-Cola are topping this list. The cans of Coca-Cola are using the QR codes and upon scanning these codes, details of different Coke Music Portal, videos or pop-up gigs can be seen easily by the customers. In short, QR codes have become a smooth as well as a youth-oriented marketing idea. Coca-Cola has rightly shown the potential of QR codes and has very intelligently linked the web content and the real world consumption.

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Instant feedback

Along with making the cans interactive, QR codes can provide the customers with several other benefits as well. One of it is the feedback from the customers. Many companies that are using the QR codes these days are also attaching feedback tools along so as to understand the customer’s preferences and shopping pattern.

Sharing the brand’s vision and stories

QR Codes allow the companies to create linkages and tell the stories about their history and mission in a unique way. The “Quick Response” codes can be easily and conveniently placed on the cans, beer bottles and soda cans. Their easy placement and efficiency make them a lot more beneficial than people generally assume.

There are a few more notable uses and benefits of QR codes on the beer cans, some of them are:

  • Constantly Improve Production and Operational Processes
  • There is a Unique code per table so as to notify the staff if more supply is needed
  • Feedback on the Social media
  • During different brewery tours, each piece of equipment can have its own story
  • Use on your promotional material for contact information, driving directions, location hours, maps, beers on tap at that exact moment

Moreover, QR codes help you in providing discounts or special offering, reserving a seat or table, tweeting about your product, sharing your experiences and all that with a simple scan. With the augment in the competition, QR codes can help you to create an edge and uniqueness.

It’s important to make use of dynamic QR code as they can help you in updating all your information behind your QR code like URL instantly and Dynamic QR codes allow you to track valuable consumer data! A great QR code generator with logo is QRzebra as it’s easy and free to use.

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