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How to Use an Engine Hoist: 6 Thing to Remember

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How to Use an Engine Hoist

Most industrial facilities or factories know this machine very well; The hoist is a very useful device for lifting heavy loads or moving them. Its performance and utility make the hoist a very practical machine, making it one of the most used for this purpose. However, we are not facing a simple machine and working with large volumes always carries a greater risk. In this article, we will clarify the definition and types of hoist and we will dedicate a space to explain which are the main precautions of use that we must take into account for maximum safety. You should be able to use an engine hoist safely following these precautions.

The hoist is one of the most used machines in factories that work with materials or heavy packages. It is based on two sets of pulleys that allow the mobility of a heavy item without having to make the effort to lift all its weight. We can find electric hoists, manual or that activate their use by means of levers. Be of the type that they are, they can exert the displacement of the objects by means of chains, cables or cords, according to the chosen material and type. Also, some types of more advanced hoists propose machines with arms or even improve their installation by placing rails on the roof of the factory.

Observe the chain:  You should not use the hoist if the chain of the pulley has some type of damage, is twisted, worn or even entangled. If you see that there is a malfunction, do not try to fix it yourself: always call the maintenance personnel prepared for it. Protects the chain from any type of splash or spark welding or similar. Do not tie or tangle around the cargo under any circumstances.

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Beware of people: you may have a pulley installed on the roof of the factory; This does not prevent the load from falling off the hoist and damaging someone. Make sure no one goes under the load and that the staff is away from it.

Monitor the movement of the hoist: for proper use, the hoist must not have the any movement restrictions,  in any way and the route must be in a straight line between hook and hook.

Place the load correctly: the load must be 100% secure, there can be no margin for it to be loosened or not be properly balanced.

Safety warnings: the hoist has certain basic safety instructions on its body, usually found on stickers. Do not start them and keep them always in sight. Signs or stickers must be fully legible by all operators.

Training of the operator: the person or persons in charge of using the hoist must receive specific training for the use of this machine. Even if they have used some type of hoist before, the model may be different, so it is important that the user becomes familiar with the new machine before starting it.

Now that you know more details about the hoist and its precautions for use, you should also try and find the best engine hoist as well.

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