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Understanding Astrology: How to Read Horoscope Signs the Right Way

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Understanding Astrology: How to Read Horoscope Signs the Right Way

Astrology sign chatter is extremely common these days. Anyone with a sliver of knowledge about horoscopes is sure to give you their two cents on your life, your sign, and why you’re feeling the way you are.

There’s a lot to astrological charts and their relationship to birthdays, though. It’s not always the best idea to trust unsolicited advice from that guy sitting outside the coffee shop.

We’re going to give you a little advice on how to read horoscope signs with more insight than you may have had previously.

How to Read Horoscope Signs

Instead of a system where your sun sign is the end-all of your destiny, astrology actually exists as a delicate balance between all of the planets, moons, and more.

So, while daily horoscope readings give you a glimpse (if you’re wondering about your daily reading, find out here), you can get far more specific if you comprehend why your reading is what it is.

We’ll break down a few components to look into when it comes to your horoscope. Let’s begin:

1. The Sun Sign isn’t Everything

When people talk about astrology, their knowledge typically ends with sun signs. The sun sign, however, doesn’t really touch on much of the specifics of an actual reading.

Additionally, the sun sign paints with broad strokes. They deal with archetypes and general ideas that may be accurate, but there are always individuals who stray far away from the stereotypes of a particular group or sign.

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2. Moon Signs

Your moon sign is going to use a slightly finer brush to paint the picture of your reading. If you use the sun and moon signs together, you’re going to have a much more specific idea of your horoscope.

While the sun sign adjusts every 15 to 30 days, the moon sign does so every 2 to 2.5 days. That’s 7 to 30 times more specific, depending on where you fall in the scheme of astrological signs.

3. All Other Plans (Including Pluto)

Your feelings on whether Pluto is a planet or not aside, your astrological sign is carved out more specifically by the status of all planets in the solar system at the time of your birth.

Mercury is said to affect your communication and intellectual skills. Venus determines your ability to love, handle money, your values, and beauty. Mars deals in the range of physical contact and conflict.

Jupiter is tied to your growth and expansion as an individual. Saturn has to deal with your ability to hold down the fort, be responsible, and put your best foot forward. Uranus deals in political change, rebellion, freedoms, and senses of liberty.

Neptune handles your dreams, aspiration, and inspiration. Finally, Pluto touches on the cycle of life and transformational energy.

While those definitions were vague, it’s important to have a rough sketch of meaning when it comes to reading the specifics of your horoscope.

Get Multiple Readings

Learning how to read horoscope signs is a crucial step in getting in touch with your sings and finding the right readings for you. There are always going to be different approaches to readings, so different sites or individuals will be more or less accurate.

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If you want to learn more, explore our site and get a feel for the finer points of horoscope readings.

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