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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Quality innerwear and Socks

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The phrase going commando has been infamously used to imply going without underwear. It is truly weird how the word commando has been used in this context as it is officially used to refer to a soldier trained in doing ambushes. People have varied opinions when it comes to the discussion of whether people should wear innerwear or not. As everyone is entitled to their opinion and freedom of expression, it seems rather unfair to judge. However, here’s why you should probably start wearing your innerwear if you aren’t already.

  1. True comfort

Great proponents of going commando often claim that with no underwear comes the greatest comfort. They also rightly notice that it takes some getting used to which could take a while making their claim not entirely true. Given the potential risk, the risk-reward ratio just doesn’t suffice. Just imagine wearing your rough leather boots and jeans without socks and underpants respectively, the friction between your skin and the materials alone is enough to tell you that you should make use of some protective gear. That being said, you should probably just get your innerwear on for real comfort.

  1. Reduced your chances of suffering from chafing in your areas

Chafing, a skin irritation caused by repeated skin rubs against skin or clothes can occur to you if you’ve got no underwear to protect you. The fabric of your jeans, pants, or shorts can turn out to be abrasive to your groin and put your boys at risk every time you go commando as these clothes are not exactly designed to be gentle on any sensitive part of your body. Premium socks and underwear provide a much needed protective second layer of clothing that protects your skin ensuring it is not harmed by any external material. 

  1. Prevention of odor
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Physical activities such as walking, running or even just sitting behind work desks going about normal daily routines generate sweat, especially in your private areas and your feet. Researchers have found that human feet have a lot of sweat glands resulting in huge amounts of sweat being generated. This sweat needs to be absorbed properly as failure to do this results in smelly feet and shoes. Socks help with this sweat absorption which prevents unsavory odor. 

  1. Extra cushioning 

Shoe insoles get worn out making the shoes hard and uncomfortable at times. Some trousers have hard fabric which doesn’t make it easy for private parts either. This hard surface can be bad for your health and you should avoid it at all costs. Wearing quality socks and underwear may just do the trick for you and make your life much better as they provide a cushion against the hard surfaces.

  1. Disease prevention

Diseases such as fungal infections are quite common for most people. Treatment for these diseases may be uncomfortable, inconvenient and costly. Wearing quality innerwear goes a long way in preventing such diseases. Be sure to look for material that absorbs the sweat to keep your skin dry thereby lowering the chances of getting infected. 


Everyone should feel free to get comfortable and be able to express themselves. Going commando is surely not the way to achieve this. If anything, it puts you at much more risk thereby discrediting its purported benefits. Some of the reasons why you should get innerwear to include disease prevention and extra skin cushioning among other benefits. Get yourself some premium socks and underwear if you haven’t done so already to help you protect your skin and avoid all the unnecessary risks that doing otherwise may expose your skin too. 

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