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Tips on Securing Your Valuables in a Hotel

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Keeping your things and other valuables safe are the main concerns that can always bother your mind when you travel. The best thing to do when you travel is to keep your stuff in the hotel room to allow a hassle-free journey. You can roam to places without losing anything. But, what you’re not sure of is the issues of hotel security.

Hotel security issues are a common problem people encounter when traveling because other locals are taking advantage of the fact that you’re not from there. Hotels use different locking systems where you can keep your valuables and other stuff safe. It doesn’t mean that they’re 100-percent secure.

There are various ways you can keep your valuables and other things to allow you to have a worry-free trip plan. Bringing your mini-safe have benefits in terms of securing your valuables, you also have to think about the lock. Thus, here are tips on securing your valuables in a hotel to have a hassle-free journey.

Don’t Get Your Room Assigned on the First Floor

Although the hotel’s reception is in charge of assigning your hotel room, you can also pick which floor you can have your room assigned. The riskiest hotel rooms prone to theft are the ones in the lobby or rooms on the first floor. Rooms on the first floor have doors and windows connected to the other amenities of the hotel for ease of access for the guests.

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You should have your room on the second or third or even higher floor if ever the hotel has multiple levels. Having a room without doors and windows connected to other amenities of hotels can make it hard for those who don’t belong there to access your room.

Examine Your Hotel Room Safe Before Using it

Particular hotels provide hotel room safe for you to keep your valuable items such as documents, money, luxury items, and more reliable. However, hotel room safes also have different locking systems such as a mechanical dial or electronic

If you’re knowledgeable about how to wind a watch, mechanical dials require specific patterns of winding for you to unlock the safe. Although people generally use electronic lock safe, mechanical dial safes are also extremely secure. Thus, ensuring the safety of your valued items as you roam around the city.

Since electronic lock safes tend to have another copy of the key, a thief can easily get their hands on the duplicate key which puts your things at risk.

Use Anti-Theft Devices

Devices made for anti-theft are now becoming a standard tool to bring for travelers who want to be extra safe while traveling. Technological anti-theft devices that you can serve as a doorstop to prevent the door from opening. Further, the device will also sound an alarm whenever it detects that someone is forcing the door to open.

Some anti-theft doorstops can also send you a notification to your phone to notify you whenever the alarm triggers. However, if you don’t want to spend extra money on anti-theft devices, you can also buy a slash-proof bag. Slash-proof bags are made specifically for traveling, which you can secure using your luggage lock.

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Since slash-proof bags aren’t big that big, you can store all your documents, money, mobile phone, and luxury items inside. Given that slash-proof bags are resistant to knives, scissors, and even cutters. You won’t have to worry about anyone trying to get their hands on your valuable items.


Keeping your valuables safe while your traveling can ensure you a worry-free journey. Since you’re traveling to a place where you’re not familiar with, you always have to keep in mind that safety precautions. Checking your room, the hotel safe, and bringing other anti-theft devices is the best way of securing your valuables in a hotel.

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