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Elements to Look for When Searching for the Best Hunting Watch

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Elements to Look for When Searching for the Best Hunting Watch

Why would anyone need a watch to go hunting, does anyone guess? But the watches that we are referring to in this article are not just any kind, but rather specific ones made for hunting for the sole purpose of not only telling time but other exciting features that make your heart melt. That’s correct – who knew you could get those type of watches too? We did. And we are here to share some of our tips on what to look out for when buying the best one. 

What Elements to Look for In Your Search?

Whether you have recently taken up the sport of hunting (see more info here: https://www.britannica.com/sports/hunting-sport ) or have been doing it for years and looking for an upgrade in equipment, doing some proper research first before taking your wallet out, is not a bad idea. Even if it something as simple as a timepiece, in this case, you will be looking for a watch with a purpose. 

There are many fancy names brands out there that promise you the world. However, there are a few reputable and reliable brands that have been manufacturing hunting gear and equipment for decades, and these are the names that you can rely on. We are talking about companies such as:

  1. Garmin – which has more than 15,000 associates in over 60 countries. They are proud of making products that last. 
  2. Casio – whose corporate creed is to produce both creative products and contribute to society while doing it. Established in 1946.
  3. Timex – has been around since the year 1854. Their philosophy revolves around not just ‘what’ you make, but ‘how’ you make it is just as important.
  4. Luminox – established in 1989 and been around ever since. The name stands for Lumi – Light and Nox – Night. 
  5. Suunto – With its rich heritage, was founded almost 80 years ago by a Finnish adventurer named ‘Tuomas Vohlonen’.

These are just a few popular names that every adventurer knows. But when you’re looking for the best watch for hunting, not only does a name count but what you’re holding in your hand counts too. 

Function and Durability – These are possibly the most important of them all. You need to look for something that is also shockproof, seeing as you will be doing a lot of jumping around and falling, you don’t want it to stop working in case it gets hit.

Water Proof – Of course, a make that can handle all elements is your best bet. Look for one that is water-resistant, to make sure it keeps going when you need it most. 

GPS (Global Positioning System) – A device with a GPS feature – is your best friend! It is highly recommended to get one with this helpful feature in it or at least if not, then one that has a digital compass built into it. This is possibly the most essential of all things if you are planning on going out into no-where land all by yourself or even with a family or friends. 

Battery Life – The longer the battery life, the better. Looking for one that has a good battery life is a no-brainer. One that has an LED or back-light on it, will usually have a long battery life span to match. 

Bonus Features – One bonus feature to some modern versions of hunting watches is the ability to adjust themselves according to different time-zones, automatically. This can be helpful if you decide to go to a different country and you forget to adjust your companion forward or backwards.  

Another bonus feature is that other watches come with a storm alert modified into them to give you a heads-up in case bad weather is on the horizon. A very helpful addition we agree. 

If your looking for these timely devices that have additional options like a heart-rate monitor or topographical maps or a three-axis compass, look no further than the newer versions of combines sport and hunting watches that all the above brand names have incorporated this style of guided-maps into their portfolio. Learn more about these online.

Who knew one could get such exquisite options in something as simple as a wristwatch? Whichever one you choose, don’t forget to test it out by planning a trip to accompany the idea. 

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