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Shopping is going mobile; the future of shopping.

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Shopping is going mobile

The word’ shopping’ connotes a feeling of excitement. The possibilities are literally endless for any item you want to buy. The traditional way of shopping is moving from one location to another. You have to go to a physical store to purchase whatever it is you want to buy.

Currently, shopping has taken a new turn, all thanks to the internet, computers and smartphones. With the aid of your computer and an internet connection, you can search, browse various websites of merchants selling diverse products, from all over the world. The internet and computers have removed the barriers created by distance even when it comes to shopping. Shopping has further progressed from just the use of computers and the internet.

With the coming of the smartphone, online stores found the need to created mobile friendly websites for their customers. With the use of computers, the standard web pages where sufficient but, using these webpages on a mobile where not friendly. So, online stores developed the mobile friendly websites which are designed for mobile phones. This way customers could shop from anywhere, anytime. See here https://www.bestreviews.guide/

The beauty of this development is, our smartphones play a vital role in out lives. Basically designed as a means of communication, we use it now for entertainment like, watching our favourite shows and movies, used for keeping track of appointments, i.e., a calendar, book a flight, transportation (Uber, Lyft) and in recent years, shopping.

With just the press of a few buttons you can access any of your favourite store to make purchases of any kind. The purchases you can make are limitless. You can order for groceries, food, clothes, accessories, virtually anything with the aid of your smartphone. Now, this is the present state of shopping, but the question is what is the future of shopping? Can it get any better? How can these online stores increase our shopping experiences? Do they have plans to blow our minds?

Well,the future is already here, and it is Virtual Reality. Most big brands who produce different things like cars, furniture, clothes, retail goods have all embraced virtual reality to enhance the shopping experience of shoppers.

One such popular brand is Lexus. The luxury brand of Toyota have fully embraced virtual reality for shoppers. Customers of this brand can use virtual reality to test drive round a race track. Using virtual reality a customer can know how fast the car can go, learn about the car’s numerous features, learn about the car’s interior. This helps the customer experience and actually feel of the product they want to purchase and also helps the brand prevent any damage to the product from testing.

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The largest e-retailer in Asia’s giant, China , Alibaba has also embraced virtual reality. The shopping experience of customers has been enhanced by using virtual reality. Now, shoppers are given the ability to browse through items, walk through isles, read up on the product information and also make purchases all with the aid of a look with the virtual reality googles.

One of my favourites is IKEA. The home and office furniture giant is also using virtual reality to improve shoppers experience. Now, with the help of virtual reality, you can walk through different furniture pieces, be able to place the furniture in different interior decoration patterns, see how different colours would work together. This is a great improvement as it presents shoppers with the ability to play around with different combinations of designs for living room, kitchen, etc before making a buying decision. This way a customer gets to save money from making wrong purchases.

Another favourite of mine is Tommy Hilfiger. Now, imagine been able to attend a Tommy Hilfiger runway fashion show? Yes, Tommy Hilfiger has employed the use of virtual reality in some of its select stores. Here, shoppers can experience a Tommy runway show, go backstage and interact with the models and see the fashion pieces up close and personal. It even gets better. You also have the ability with the aid of virtual reality to try on these clothes and see how you would look. Just picture it. A Tommy Hilfiger dress on you for free. That is bliss.

Is there a vacation spot you have always wanted to visit? Is there a particular resort you have always wanted to stay in? Samsung and Carnival Cruises have go you covered. With the aid of virtual reality googles, you can experience some of the best vacation spots in the world. Experience the calming effect of the clearest beaches, sand in between your toes, palm trees swinging in the breeze, all with the aid of virtual reality. This way you get to see if that vacation spot, although as beautiful as advertised, is the right spot for you. This way you would be making the best decision of where to visit before actually committing any funds.

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The female favourite with the use of virtual reality is makeup. A makeup company called NARS, employs virtual reality with the use of 360 video to show customers the different ways by with makeup is applied. Where it gets interesting is the video is shown from all angles when applying makeup, and it also shows the different makeup application been done, all at once. This way you have a more robust view of how to hold your application brushes, the movements to apply to get the right blend. With the help of virtual reality, you can also see the different shades of makeup products like foundation, powder etc, and decide which is best for you.

Virtual Reality is the future of shopping. No more the use of just smartphones, but a life-like experience of the shopping itself. You can drive a luxury car, try on some designer clothes, decorate your home, go on that dream vacation, all with virtual reality. The shopping experience is becoming revolutionised as brand manufacturers are moving from traditional ways to futuristic ways of shopping.

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