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Amazing Wedding Theme Ideas For 2020

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The wedding industry in the US is estimated to be worth $72 billion. Each year, the industry witnessed the entry of new themes and styles. If you’re planning to have your wedding in 2020, this is an excellent time to start looking at the wedding themes that are trending. 


Couples strive to be creative with each wedding season, incorporating unique twists on old favorites to create a modern look. There’s a wide variety to choose from in 2020, and here are a few ideas. 

  1. Tropulence or Tropical Opulence

The opulence theme is a luxurious and lavish theme that’s promising to be a huge trend in 2020. It comes with a tropical twist of gold accents, luxurious textures, and lush florals. The tropical opulence wedding theme is by far an extension of the boho tropical weddings that’ll never go out of style. 

  1. ’70s Rock and Roll

Vintage weddings are still very much alive and will be on the trend in 2020. Couples are choosing to add an edge of rock and roll in the ’70s inspired wedding. Besides the retro palettes, there’s the incorporation of vintage and country décor.


Other additions are nudie and leather details and classic elements. When creatively combined, they bring out the feel of this golden era of time and music. 

  1. Wanderlust

A wanderlust wedding theme is more than just having travel-inspired décor. In 2020, this theme will be more about embracing an epic locale and less about the wedding décor. Much of what will be witnessed include weddings in venues overlooking mountains, over cliffs, or in the heart of downtown streets. 


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The theme speaks of the experience-over-materials trend that’s gaining momentum in all aspects of life. The weddings that have already used this theme have turned out swoon-worthy. 

  1. Moroccan

The Moroccan wedding theme has been a favorite of many couples for a very long time. Its popularity isn’t waning any time soon, and it’ll still be trending in 2020. The good thing about the theme is its flexibility.


You can choose to go all-out or keep it under check. Minimalism in the Moroccan theme is ideal for couples who want to have a wedding without overwhelming the venue. 

  1. Desert Chic

wedding party


The desert chic wedding theme is the perfect choice for brides who want to have their wedding in a desert landscape. The main idea is to enhance the natural surrounding with beautiful colors that make a bold statement or complement the wedding surroundings. 


The theme draws its inspiration from the Southwest and is city-oriented but has an organic feel. The result is a boho feeling during your wedding. Here are some ideas you can incorporate to complete the desert chic wedding theme. 

  1. Token Treasure

Token treasure refers to offering your guests miniature succulents as wedding favors. The good side with these is that they’re easy to take care of, and won’t strain your budget. For a touch of rustic charm, wrap the individual pots in a natural abaca ribbon. 

  1. Colorful Backdrop

Instead of having an elaborate floral arch-like is the case in most wedding themes, go for something different. In this particular wedding theme, get a teepee and have it decorated with macramé pieces and flower garlands. 


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You can enhance the look of the altar by placing a rug and lining it with scented candles. Work with professionals at Azazie.com to pull out the perfect backdrop for your desert chic wedding theme. 

  1. Chic Palette

This is about incorporating pops of color with blue undertones. By so doing, you’ll achieve a non-traditional desert-chic bouquet. It’s a type of cactus that will blend well into your desert theme. Besides, it’ll add some unexpected dimension and texture to your overall bouquet. 

  1. Color and Pattern

You want to give your guests something warm and welcoming for their eyes. Since desert settings can be dramatic, consider using warm tonal palettes paired with terrier elements. 

Take Away

Planning for a wedding requires you to be aware of the trending themes. You can borrow from them to pull out a wedding that’ll be the envy of many for days to come. If you’re planning to have a wedding in 2020, ensure you’re not having a boring wedding day. You can shoot for your wedding also in nice places.


Some themes to work with include the Moroccan, desert chic, Tropical opulence, and Wanderlust. With a wedding planner or professional by your side, you’ll hardly go wrong.  

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