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Problems of the snoring partner

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Sharing a bed with a person who is snoring can be a serious problem for your relationship and health. Tired is not the only problem. Snoring your partner may be a symptom of life-threatening apnea.

Many couples simply get used to partner’s snoring, but if it’s loud enough to disturb a dream, it’s not something we can and we want to ignore.

Also, scientific research has shown that men have more and more problems with snoring than women due to an anatomical difference in the throat.


Since you are aware of a partner’s snoring, but he isn’t aware of it, you need to pay attention to a few details. These details are loud and often snoring, sleep breaks, during sleep, accompanied by choking and excessive sleepiness during the day. If all of these signs are noticeable to your partner, you must contact your doctor as it may be an apnea.


What can you do about it?


Well, whatever the cause of snoring, there is much that you can do to improve your health and your sleep.

Talk to your partner about his snoring first. Do not be surprised if the partner starts to deny because he is sure he is not aware that he is snoring. Explain how it can be dangerous to his health, that you want to continue to share a bed with him, but that you can not get enough sleep and that bothers you.

Never be angry at him because he is not aware of it and does not do it on purpose. It’s a common problem and you need to solve it together.

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Contact an otorhinolaryngologist especially if you suspect an apnea. Come together because you will better explain what is going with your partner on while he is asleep.


Another type of anti-snoring treatment is the use of certain devices to prevent this problem. One of them is snoring mouthpiece review, it’s a good idea because it opens the airway and one of the best ways to prevent this problem, but only if the apnea is not very pronounced, otherwise it is necessary to contact a professional sleep doctor or dentist.

Other ways are changes in the way of life and living habits. Weight loss, regular exercise, reduction of alcohol and cigarettes, changes in sleeping position, and if you need to use certain nasal sprays to clear the airway.


Some of this will surely help you, if nothing else, put the earplugs, and in this way, you will have a quiet sleep and silence that you need, as well as a pleasant life with your partner.

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