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Is Pet Insurance Worth It? 6 Moments It Absolutely Is

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It? 6 Moments It Absolutely Is

Obtaining a pet insurance policy for your dog or cat isn’t necessarily going to be cheap. On average, pet owners pay about $45 for pet insurance for a dog and about $28 for pet insurance for a cat.

These prices might cause you to ask, “Is pet insurance worth it?”

There are some people who will try to tell you that insuring your pet isn’t worth the money. But studies have shown that about 75% of pet owners worry about the rising healthcare costs associated with their pets. And these people often discover that pet insurance is well worth the investment that they make into it.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should get a pet insurance plan for your dog or cat, take the time to learn about the benefits that come along with doing it. Here are six times when it’ll really come in handy.

1. When Your Pet Is Healthy

The people who ask the question, “Is pet insurance worth it?”, tend to have healthy dogs or cats on their hands. They’re not all that worried about paying for medical bills because they haven’t had to encounter them yet.

But the truth is that these pet owners are the ones who can benefit from pet insurance the most in many cases!

When they compare pet insurance plans, they’ll find that their dog’s or cat’s health will work in their favor as they won’t have to pay much for insurance. At the same time, they’ll sleep better at night knowing their dog or cat is protected in the event that their health ever takes a nosedive.

Don’t discount the idea of getting pet insurance just because your pet is healthy. That is probably not always going to be the case, and you’ll be glad you took the initiative to get pet insurance when something with your pet’s health goes awry.

2. When Your Pet Is Sick

No one plans on their dog or cat getting sick. In fact, most pet owners go above and beyond to try and prevent their pets from getting sick.

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They feed them high-quality foods. They make sure they get plenty of water. And they provide them with a warm place to sleep and plenty of TLC while they’re awake.

But even still, your pet is going to get hit with an illness every now and then, and pet insurance will help you get them the medical attention they need. You won’t have to worry about trying to gauge how sick your dog or cat is prior to seeking medical care for them.

3. When Your Pet Is Injured

What would you do if your dog or cat snuck outside today and ended up getting injured while they were running around out in the wild?

The mere thought of this happening terrifies most pet owners (and it should!). But sadly, it does happen every now and then—and pets require a trip to the vet in most cases to treat things like broken legs and other injuries.

If you don’t have pet insurance, a trip to the vet to treat a broken bone can be every bit as scary as the thought of your pet sneaking out and getting hurt. It’s not uncommon for pets to rack up thousands of dollars worth of medical debt due to a single broken limb.

By getting pet insurance, you can prevent this from happening to you and your pet. You’ll have the coverage you need to get your pet the best treatment possible so that they can heal up in a hurry.

4. When Your Pet Needs Prescriptions

If your pet hasn’t taken any prescription drugs yet, there is a decent chance that they’re going to need to take them at some point in time.

Some dogs take prescription drugs to treat heartworms. Some cats take them to help manage the pain associated with an injury. Your vet may end up prescribing medications to your pet for any number of reasons.

Not all pet insurance plans cover costs associated with prescriptions. But you can find many that do. They’ll help you save a bunch of money every time you have to get your hands on prescriptions for your pet.

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5. When Your Pet Is Susceptible to Certain Health Conditions

There are some types of pets that are more susceptible to certain types of diseases than others.

For example, bulldogs often end up having respiratory problems at some time during their lives. German shepherds, meanwhile, are at risk for hip dysplasia. Owners of these pets must look out for signs of these conditions and have them treated as soon as possible.

Pet owners, in general, should also learn about whether their pets are susceptible to any health conditions and consider getting pet insurance plans to cover any future costs related to them.

Most pet insurance companies are well aware of these conditions and will charge a little extra for dogs and cats that might be susceptible to them. But these costs shouldn’t deter you from getting a pet insurance policy for your dog or cat anyway.

6. When Your Pet Is One of Your Biggest Concerns

Studies have shown that about 90% of pet owners think of their pets as members of their families. As such, they worry about their pets as much as they worry about their fellow family members.

You can worry a little less about your pet by equipping them with a pet insurance policy. You won’t have to be as concerned about their well-being as you are now when you know that they can get medical care if they ever need it.

So, Is Pet Insurance Worth It? The Answer Is a Resounding “Yes!”

“Is pet insurance worth it?” isn’t a question you should even ask if you love your pet. It is, of course, worth it when you consider all the potential risks your pet might face during their life.

Look around at different pet insurance plans today to see which one will work best for your pet. You might be able to find one that costs less than the average policy while still providing your pet with the proper amount of protection.

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