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Parenting Tips: How To Raise Happy Kids

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Parenting Tips: How To Raise Happy Kids

Edward Hallowell, the author of the book “The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness”, says that the children who get pampered too much will have no healthy development. Specifically, they have no chance to overcome negative emotions themselves. These children are likely to become bored, suspicious, and unhappy teenagers. Happiness comes from within the child, not an external expression. Parents now play a role in bringing happiness to their children. Just be patient and flexible, parents can help their children learn to be happy, right now. Stay tuned for tips for nurturing happy children below:

Turn mistakes into learning opportunities

Don’t be too strict with your kids. Image via shop nguoi lon ha noi

In family life, everything rarely goes as planned. So unconditional love and mutual acceptance are a standard part of having a happy family. We can all make mistakes. When parents make a mistake (especially in front of the children), this is the perfect opportunity to admit it and even a chance to show the different ways that parents will deal with soon. Make mistakes into opportunities to learn. Children will learn from you how to solve problems.

For raising happy kids, parents need to show them that they are recognized and wrong as opportunities to learn.

Encourage your kids to do good deeds

Parenting Tips: How To Raise Happy Kids

Teach your children how to help others

Another essential thing to raise happy kids is that parents need to be mindful when discovering something done. When your kids are doing or have done something very well, parents should take the time to share with them that their parents know and appreciate it. It will build self-esteem and encourage children to develop their thinking.

When we often take care of our efforts through contact and talk like: “I know that you have taken the time to clean the room more neatly. You are terrific. ”When there is more appropriate and positive encouragement of parents, they will inspire them to do more good things and enjoy more fun in their activities.

Encourage children to play outdoors

Parenting Tips: How To Raise Happy Kids

Playing outdoors makes your children healthy

Do not underestimate the power of outdoor play. Running on grass, climbing trees, playing swings, and digging ground are great activities for children. Studies show that scents related to nature, like pine trees, cut grass, and lavender can boost your child’s mood. So, you can encourage your child to read a book outside or do homework assignments to give it instant happiness.


Outdoor play activities can also improve social skills in children. A study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport shows that children who spend more time playing outside have greater empathy, cohesion, and self-control than others. These are critical social skills. Children with better social skills are more likely to enjoy healthier relationships. Children with better social skills are also twice as likely to go to college and are less likely to be abused by substance abuse, obesity, and violence.

Create a fun environment for children

Parenting Tips: How To Raise Happy Kids

There should be many happy moments in a family

The family members are getting busier than ever. It makes everyone overload, tired, and exhausted with these needs. Try learning to stop your busy schedule aside to spend time with nature. Look at the blooming roses and talk to your children about the importance of maintaining freshness.

Start the day off with your children, play with them after breakfast, and tell us silly jokes. Trying to prepare a fun shaped dish to surprise your children at lunch is also a great idea. Listen to music on the weekend when you’re doing housework. Even if you are not an expert, you should still interject funny words when doing everyday tasks.

And another piece of advice is to nourish your happiness. Although parents cannot control the satisfaction of the children, you are responsible for yourself. And because children absorb everything from us, our mood is imperative. Happy parents are likely to have happy children. Children of depressed parents suffer double the rate of moderate depression.

Limit screen time

Parenting Tips: How To Raise Happy Kids

Limit your kids’ electronic device usage time

Your kids can convince that playing endless video games makes them happy. They even get angry if you don’t allow them to use it. But too much time on the screen is not suitable for your child’s psychology.

A 2018 study published in Emotion magazine shows that teenagers spend less time on their digital devices being happier. Of course, the conditions are that they also spend more time on off-screen activities, such as sports, homework, religious services, and other personal activities.

Try to set clear screen time limits for your children. If they have smartphones, limit their access when you are doing family activities, going to the car or when they play outside. And set clear guidelines about when they can spend watching TV and using computers.

Maintain the foundation of gratitude

Parenting Tips: How To Raise Happy Kids

Spend more time teaching your children to be grateful for many things

Some studies have shown that people who keep grateful feeling for daily or weekly feel more optimistic, progress toward goals and feel better about life in general. For a child, following a grateful attitude can be challenging to implement.

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Living in a state of gratitude is one of the essential foundations for a happy life. We can talk to children about the small things that are happening in our families. Let’s sip a cup of milk together with sweet cakes, wrap them in warm blankets, or hug each other on cold winter evenings. In doing so, the children will feel filled with the warmth of gratitude. This happiness will then spread and make us maintain a happy thought and create a sense of stability and safety so that at some point, the kids can enter the adult stage.

Teach them that sadness is still very important

Parenting Tips: How To Raise Happy Kids

Teach your children overcome negative emotions. Image by viagra hang xin

It may sound weird, but the best thing you can do for your child’s long-term happiness may be to stop trying to keep him happy for a short time. Bonnie Harris, the founder of Core Parenting Tips, Peterborough, said: ‘If we put our kids in a bubble and grant them their every wish and desire, that is what they grow to expect, but the real world doesn’t work that way’.

For avoiding overloading, it is time to realize that you are not entirely responsible for your child’s happiness. Parents who feel accountable for their child’s feelings will make them challenging to allow them to experience anger, sadness, or disappointment. Parents often tend to immediately give them anything we think will bring a smile or solve anything that makes them suffer. Unfortunately, this is a mistake; children who never learn to deal with negative emotions are at risk of being crushed when they are teenagers and adults.

You should know which time is reasonable to step back to let your children solve negative things for themselves. Come on! They will grow up thanks to those things. Moreover, you cannot follow your children all their lives. If you pamper them too much, you will unintentionally ruin their future happiness as well as yours.

Final words

Remember that children deserve to be happy. They also need to experience unpleasant emotions, such as sadness, anger, fear, and frustration. Those are inevitable. There is no need to encourage your kids or act when they are experiencing unpleasant emotions. Instead, train them through it and help them find ways to soothe themselves and deal with their feelings. Become wise parents, and your children will be happy.

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