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Nip It in the Bud: 7 Stress Management Activities You Can Do High

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Nip It in the Bud: 7 Stress Management Activities You Can Do High

55% of adult Americans experience a great deal of stress daily. While we’ve learned to deal with it, we may not have the healthiest coping strategies. If you’re looking to manage your stress in better ways, then keep reading.

Many Americans smoke cannabis to relieve stress. If you’re one of them, then why not combine it with other things to maximize your relaxation? Here are 7 stress management activities to do while high.

1. Get in Touch with Nature

Marijuana is an amazing substance to use if you like getting in touch with nature. It gives you a peaceful sense and lets you really appreciate what Mother Earth’s put on this planet.

Depending on your fitness level and what you’re in the mood for, you can either go for a simple walk in the local park or a challenging hike at a national park. Either way, the physical activity can let you blow off some steam while reveling in what nature has to offer.

If you find any good spots, you can stop for a break and try some other things on this list, like meditate or create art. You can even watch a comedy show if you have it downloaded onto your smartphone or have good internet reception out there.

2. Take a Bath

When you’ve smoked some weed, you’re probably in a very laidback mood. This can set the tone for a relaxing bubble bath, complete with some snacks on the side for your munchies.

While you’re enjoying your bath, make sure to light some candles or diffusers that have scents that you like. Not only can you relax with the gentle feel of bubbles and warm water on your skin, but you can also de-stress with some aromatherapy.

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While you’re in the bath, take advantage of the peace and quiet to reflect on what’s making you so stressed out. If you have to make any major life decisions, this can be a good time to list out the pros and cons in your head so you come out of your bath more clear-headed.

3. Watch a Comedy Show

Everything is so much funnier when you’re high, and you know what they say: laughter is good medicine. If you have some pent-up feelings you feel like are putting tremendous pressure on you, why not laugh it out?

Grab a tub of popcorn or whatever is your favorite snack and settle down on your comfy couch to binge watch some comedy shows on Netflix. Even better: get your partner to join you so you get some cuddles as well. After a few hours of laughter, you’ll feel like a weight’s been lifted off your shoulders.

4. Do Some Baking or Cooking

Since you’re going to get the munchies, you might as well get started on feeding your future hungry self. The prep work you have to do for baking and cooking can be very therapeutic, especially if you have kneading and chopping to do. Obviously, you’ll want to keep it fairly simple, especially if you’re going to be smoking a lot of marijuana.

Not only can you manage your stress in a healthy way by spending some time in the kitchen, but you’ll also have some delicious food and desserts to eat later on.

5. Meditate

Meditation can already be an incredible way to alleviate some stress. Meditating with cannabis just takes it to a whole different level.

When you sit down to meditate, it can help slow down the busyness that can make your anxiety skyrocket. Combined with the calming effects that marijuana has, meditation can assist in improving your metacognitive skills, as well as your overall health.

If you’ve tried meditation before and found it difficult because you couldn’t sit still for long enough, try again, but with marijuana this time. It’ll make a world of difference and facilitate a successful meditation session.

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6. Create Some Art

Many people feel like they get highly creative whenever they’re partaking in marijuana, so why not bust out the canvas and paints? Art can be a very therapeutic process that lets you get all the anger and worries about life out on paper.

Whether you use pencils, crayons, markers, or chalk, you can let your stress manifest through art and create beautiful masterpieces you can look back on. If it’s a particularly hard time in your life, this artwork can be positive reminders of how you made something good out of stress and were strong enough to make it through.

7. Listen to Music

Music can sound significantly better when you’ve been smoking a bit of marijuana. It can be similar to meditation since you can probably spend hours sitting there, immersing yourself in the dazzling melodies.

For some people, music can be so moving that they start crying. If you’re one of these people, then this activity can definitely help in stress management.

Often, people will try and hold their emotions in, but it can be extremely difficult to do and end up taking a toll on you. It’s absolutely fine to get high, listen to your favorite tracks, and have a good cry. You’ll feel completely refreshed afterward.

Try These Stress Management Activities Next Time

The next time you light up, try these stress management activities, especially if you’re overwhelmed with everything going on in life. While weed can be good in reducing stress on its own, by combining it with these activities, you can find some new hobbies and find more fulfillment in your recreational habit.

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