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What You Need to Know About Building a Gun (Legally)

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What You Need to Know About Building a Gun (Legally)

DIY has gone mainstream.

Indeed, the DIY craft industry is now worth around $29 billion.

That’s a lot of people building, creating and putting things together for themselves.

When you think ‘DIY crafts’, you probably conjure images of tiny innocent grandmas knitting woolen jumpers next to the fire.

You may be less likely to think of someone building a gun from scratch in their garage! But this particular DIY activity is growing in popularity too. However, it’s difficult, dangerous, and of questionable legality. Want some tips on how to do it?

Keep reading to learn how to build a gun the legal way.

1. Buy an 80% Receiver

The legal trade of firearms relies upon regulations from the Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division of the ATF.

Without getting too technical, you can bypass their legal requirements by buying what’s called an 80% frame or receiver. These require work to turn them into a functioning weapon. You have to drill, mill, and file them into position.

As a result, they aren’t considered firearms. If you’re not under any legal restrictions pertaining to firearm trade and handling, then you can legally purchase an 80% receiver (and the remaining parts) and build a firearm, no questions asked.

2. Build Simple Models

You might want to build the world’s biggest badass rifle possible.

But that’s difficult and far harder to do legally.

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Remember that 80% receiver? It pays to buy one that you can work with easily. It’s also important to ensure the remaining parts can be purchased legally too.

Simple models, such as Glocks, are great bets. You only need simple tools (such as a Dremel and file) to manipulate them as required (as opposed to expensive, technical equipment).

3. Know Your State Law

Now, what we said above holds true.

However, certain states, like California, require every ‘ghost gun’ (aka the DIY versions we’re discussing) to have a serial number and be registered. Making it may be okay, but holding onto it without following the necessary procedure may not be.

It’s essential to know the laws of your particular state to ensure you operate by the books.

4. Buy Online

Making your own firearm may well be legal.

But you might not want people to know about it. After all, people are increasingly starting to question the need and use for guns in society.

Purchasing your parts by cash is one route to go down that won’t leave a paper trail. However, the internet is another, easier option. You can find almost everything you need online and leave little trace of your actions.

Cloud Defensive offers a good range of options.

5. Get to Work

With the parts in your hand, it’s time to build and assemble the firearm.

Oftentimes, if you’ve taken the 80% receiver route, then begin by removing the excess polymer. Take care throughout the entire process. Set up a jig to securely hold the receiver in place. Then set about using your Dremel, file and so on to remove the material.

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The remaining process usually demands a sequence of drilling, filing and sanding to particular specs. Take your time and follow the relevant instructions for your particular model.

Time to Begin Building a Gun

There you have it: 5 tips for building a gun the legal way.

Buying ready-made stuff is old news! More and more of us are opting to build and create things for ourselves. Firearms may not be the first item that comes to mind! But it’s definitely possible. And it can absolutely be done legally too.

Hopefully, this article has provided a useful insight into how to do it.

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