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What You Need On the Go: 5 Emergency Car Essentials to Keep in Your Car at All Times

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What You Need On the Go: 5 Emergency Car Essentials to Keep in Your Car at All Times

Ever been in a fender bender and not known what to do?

Ever blown a tire, been pulled over, seen your hood go up in steam, or run out of gas on the side of the road?

We’ve all been there! And if you haven’t, you will! When the you-know-what hits the fan, make sure you have these 5 car essentials available!

1. Registration and Insurance

Did you know a police offer can ticket you for driving without your car registration?

Did you know your car insurance is the most important things to have with you in the event of a car collision?

When you’re pulled over, the officer asks for your license and registration. When you’re in an accident, you swap insurances with the other driver. Familiarize yourself with things to do after a car collision.

Don’t drive without these essentials! Keep them in a safe place where they can’t be easily lost or stolen.

2. Water

You run out of gas or break down in the middle of nowhere. It’s hot, middle of the day, and you don’t know how long until you’re rescued.

Water is your best friend at this point! Keep a pack of water bottles in your trunk, easy as that. This tip could save your life!

3. Blankets

What if you’re in an accident that leaves you stuck overnight? You can’t run the heat and you didn’t bring extra clothes.

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Your lifesavers are the blankets you have waiting in your trunk! Good thing you packed them in case of emergency!

Check out this article for more suggestions about car necessities when taking a solo road trip.

4. Simple Repair Tools

Imagine you blow a tire on a deserted road.

It’s an easy fix if you have your spare, you just don’t have the tools! You can’t drive to get the tools because your tire is flat.

You’re stuck unless someone comes along who has a tool kit in their car.

Be the person with the tool kit in their car! Buy a $20 tool kit and $30 jumper cables and throw them in your trunk. Here is a helpful guide to changing a tire on your own.

You and your simple repair tools will save the day at least once!

5. Ice Scraper

I know what you’re thinking: “An ice scraper isn’t a necessity.”

Anyone who has found themselves without one on a below-zero day would tell you otherwise! One night you may feel too lazy to move your ice scraper from one car into another, thinking it won’t be that bad the next morning.

How wrong you’ll be! You’ll regret that laziness every second as you scrape the windshield with your frozen hands!

Buy one cheap ice scraper for each car and keep it somewhere easily accessible. Easy solution to a freezing problem!

Be Forward-Thinking with Car Essentials

If you only plan for “the now,” you’ll find yourself needlessly stranded or helpless many times in your driving life! Utilize these 5 car essentials now to benefit you in the future.

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