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Neck and Shoulder Pain – Slay the Beast with the Art of Sleep!

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Sitting at your desk, in front of a computer, for long, at a stretch, day after day, Does it sound like you? The modern-day office and home-working environment revolve around sitting. You and I are no exception to that! And, It’s a perfect recipe to compromise the structural integrity of your spine.


Welcome to the world of Pain and Ache! The human struggle for a lean posture is no joke to working-class generation – especially for those who have to hunch over computers at a stretch. It’s a choice we’ve to make against our will. The apparent repercussion is severe neck and shoulder pain. There are a bunch of smart little tricks, measures, and hacks you can try to support your lumbar. You will get the initial result, and it’ll improve your condition.

At the same time, you can also go out and correct your posture, use back support, neck collars these are just the part of the solution. That’s about it! Is that sufficient enough in the long run? No, it isn’t. You need to embrace a holistic way of living. Consider it as a long-term measure to safeguard your spinal health and muscle strain. Stretching, exercise, food habit, sound sleep and using the proper posture with appropriate bedding accessories can shield you from neck and shoulder pain. The irony is – most of the time, we put much emphasis on exercise and posture correction.

We tend to forget about sleep-quality. We take it for granted! It’s not that difficult to harness your sleep regime and master the art of sleeping.

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You only have to keep up with the following facts.

1. Your Pillow:

I wish I could announce the name of a single pillow that can poof away your pain like magic – Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! No magician can do that – if you find one, let me know (haha).

A pillow that contours your body well, especially the neck area can make a huge difference in your sleep quality. Especially when pain reduction around the shoulder and neck is a pressing issue – you should seriously consider a brand new sleeping pillow. Memory Foam Pillow can be a robust option. It’ll allow you to avoid the eerie “pillow pinch” while sliding sideways. Make sure that your pillow can provide an “Adjustable Loft.” At the same time, the material of the pillow has to be breathable.

You sure don’t want a sweaty bedhead! Look for Gel Memory Foam Pillow to keep the body and head temperature down while sleeping. What is the trait of a good sleeping pillow? Simply put, a quality sleeping pillow will always keep your back, shoulders, neck, and head in alignment. At the same time, it will ensure that you’ll wake up on the right side of the bed – with a rejuvenating freshness in the morning!

2. The Other Bedding Accessories:

Relying on sagging mattresses or broken bed springs only invites pain and poor sleeping posture! A lumpy bed puts unnecessary strain on your back and shoulder.

If your mattress can’t lend you the necessary support, your pillow alone won’t be able to provide the desired backup. Quality Spring mattresses are OK. But a memory foam mattress can bring much to the table! No wonder – it’s gaining much popularity among sleep conscious people compared to the conventional spring mattresses.

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3. Avoid Certain Sleeping Postures:

Whenever you lie down, make sure that your head, neck, and spinal cord is in alignment. It’s only possible by using the right sleeping position.

Once you’ve got the right pillow with proper bedding accessories, you can choose from back and side sleeping. It’s even better if you could use both of those in the mix! Back sleeping posture needs the support from the pillow more than other types of sleeping positions. On the other hand, during side sleeping, your head and neck need extra cushioning-support to keep your neck and shoulder aligned with the spinal cord.

Stomach sleeping is your enemy if you want to avoid neck pain in the long run! Consider it as the worst sleeping postures of all. So, It’s a no-go if you’re already suffering from neck and shoulder pain. That’s the gist of it! Curious to find out more about the best of the pillows for your neck pain? I followed coziepillow.com and took their advice. I found my favorite pillow there.

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