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Mixer Feeders: Customized For You

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Mixer Feeders

The ITALMIX Group offers a wide range of zootechnical machinery, and among these, we find a wide range of mixers.
Vertical, horizontal, self-propelled feed mixer, but if your needs require specific features and you need a machine that makes the most for you and your company, here you will have the possibility to choose the custom made mixer, the one that is right for you!

What is a mixer wagon

The mixer wagon is one of the most advanced animal feed technologies: it is used to accurately weigh, mix and distribute food to ruminants.

What you need to know for a better choice

Mixers can be classified as stationary, self-propelled, towed by a tractor and loaded on trucks, all with different containment capacity.

– SELF-PROPELLED mixer wagons: 30

  • Mixer wagons MOUNTED ON A TRUCK CHASSIS: 40
  • TRAILED mixer wagons: 45
  • STATIONARY mixer wagons: up to 80 +

On Italian farms, mixers with a load capacity of 10 to 15 cubic meters are common.

As for mixing and cutting, we can meet three types of wagons:



– paddle mixing

In the first case, the machine will be equipped with 1 or 4 feed screws, a device used to lift a liquid or a granular material.

If the wagon is vertical, there will be 1 or 3 feed screws.

The loading of fodder is carried out autonomously, using a tractor or a self-propelled cutter that is mounted on the swinging arm.

The mixer, in addition to facilitating the cutting and distribution of food, ensures a nutritional improvement for the animal, which will consequently increase production performance. Primarily the machinery reduces the possibility of choosing the animal to the most attractive products, thus ensuring a balanced diet and distributed throughout the day. It follows that the mixer facilitates the use of unattractive elements.
It also stimulates the ingestion of the dry substance, so as to avoid fermentation situations and therefore of pH drop.

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It Limits the risk of metabolic disorders and speeds up and simplifies food preparation and distribution. The use of these machines has shown how the efficiency of the animal can increase up to 20%, thanks, as already said, to the nutritional balance brought about by the mixture.
These factors not only increase the profitability of the farm but have also allowed an increase in the efficiency of the companies, as they guarantee a great saving of time and energy, accompanied by the ease of use of the mixers.

For the use of these machines, it is necessary to consider different criteria: the quantity of mixture to be prepared in a farm depends on the size of the breeding, the presence of feeding groups and the environmental conditions. In the case of small-sized farms, it is advisable to produce two blended only during the summer, while in larger farms it is advisable to divide the lactating cows into homogeneous groups on the basis of the production merit and prepare specific blends for the other groups.

With ITALMIX you will have the possibility to create the most suitable machine for you and your needs, with the help of the experts who will accompany you in choosing and buying.

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