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HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Pets in Your Home

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Owning a pet is a lot of responsibility. You need to feed them, exercise them and groom them to fit into your lifestyle. However, the rewards you get in return – the companionship, emotional support, and security – make pet care immensely enjoyable.  No wonder, in a warm and humid place like Tampa, people are concerned about their pets’ wellbeing during the summer months. They not only invest in the top-rated air conditioners but also sign up for the best maintenance programs to ensure smooth operation of their unit. Regular servicing also help them to avoid costly AC repair works in Tampa.  However, this is not all; you can do a few more things to optimize your pet’s comfort.

Replace the Filters for a Pet-Friendly Environment

The moment you have a pet in your house, it is likely that your air conditioner will suck the floating dander and hair. These trapped particles accumulate on the air filters, subsequently clogging them at a faster rate than a home with no pet. Generally, experts suggest homeowners should change filters every three months, but if you have a pet in your house, it is likely to replace them every month for better air flow. Also, while selecting an air filter, choose a high rated one so that better and cleaner air can pass through the filter.

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Clean the Ducts to Deal With the Debris

Just like your HVAC system finds clogged filter due to pet hair and dander, the ductwork is equally affected by the same and also the dust and debris that gather in your home. When you call up a service technician for regular maintenance, make sure you ask him to inspect the ductwork, and if required have the ducts cleaned out. The moment the pet hair, dander, and other debris are removed from the conduit, you can feel the difference in air flow and also the quality of the air that your pet gets to breathe.

Fence off the Outdoor Unit to Prevent Your Pet From Reaching There

If the outdoor unit of your split AC is located at a place where your pet gets easy access, you should block the area or put a fence to prevent your pet from going anywhere near it. Animals are instinctively curious towards such regions, and they have a tendency of urinating at such standalone blocks. The bundling of hair is a standard issue, but apart from it, your pet might also chew certain parts affecting the performance of the HVAC unit. Fencing the unit will also help you prevent debris from accumulating on your unit.

Never Forget to Adjust the Thermostat Even When You Are Not at Home

When you turn up the thermostat in your absence or turn it down in the winter seasons for your comfort, you might feel that it is creating unnecessary discomfort for your pet. And you start feeling guilty for being a bad pet parent. However, the truth is your furry child is capable of staying comfortable in a broader range of temperature setting beyond your imagination. When it’s summer, and you are out of home for more than a period of six hours, set your thermostat a few degrees higher than the normal, but not beyond 80 degrees. During the fall, never let the thermostat reading go below 65 degrees.

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How well your pet is going to feel when the mercury soars to 90 degrees Fahrenheit,  depends a lot on you, and it is your responsibility to take the utmost care of the animal who can barely speak out to express how it feels. Therefore, never skip routine maintenance. Avail timely maintenance and AC repair in Tampa from a reputable service center near you.  This can not only help your pet live a healthy life but also allows you to extend the expected lifespan of the HVAC system. Save money, create a healthy environment and live a happy life with your family and your pet.

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