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How to tie a bow tie: 9 easy tricks that helps you to be a smart guy

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how to tie a bow tie

The crossbow tie is no longer just worn with a tuxedo – in combination with modern, casual outfits. But tying a bow tie is not that easy – it is all the more impressive when you can do it yourself. If you follow our instructions correctly, it will undoubtedly work very quickly. In this article, I’ll describe how to tie a bow tie properly and all of the tricks. Stay reading!

Getting know: How to tie a crossbow on a shirt

Here are some of the best ways to tie a bow on your shirt properly:

  • Flip-up the shirt collar and wrap the crossbow ties around your neck. The left end, as seen from you, should be a little longer than the right. This end used later to ties the bow. Cross over with the longer, the shorter term.


  • Wrap the longer end of the crossbow tie around the top of the collar. Now fold in the shorter end of the bow tie as if you were tying a shoe.


  • Hold the folded end with one hand and wrap the more extended term around it. Pull the long end of the crossbow tie over and behind the half-finished crossbow and then pull the bow tie a little tight, leaving a small loop over the bow. Hold this open with one finger.


  • Through this, you now lead the longer end of the fly. Pull the crossbow tie tight and even the terms until the bow tie looks symmetrical.
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Style of a tie a bow in 2015

A look at the catwalks is enough – even for men. The bow tie has long since found its way here and also in its classic form: often black, often with a white collar, but by no means exclusively embodying this style. Current trendsetting allows completely new impressions. Even today’s young man combines a casual suit with a bright red crossbow tie or appears unusually with patterns.

Considering a few restrictions, the skillful tying of this appearance, which believed to be dead, allows the entire outfit upgraded. These no-gos are: If the overall impression is conspicuous, choose a subtle crossbow tie and vice versa, do not use bow ties in everyday business, and only combine them with a tuxedo in exceptional cases.

Tie the starting position for the fly

You put on the crossbow tie and consider that both parts that are now hanging must tied to the left and right of the neck by kinking them into symmetrical loops. And that twice each – so there are four individual loops in total. From behind, in the middle of the neck, the point is sought that best corresponds to the personal collar size.

It can fix with an initially gentle, loose knot and a hook. It has to be free so that it can be fixed and pulled later. You can take your time for this step, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Do you prefer tied crossbow ties?

If tying the crossbow tie doesn’t work, you can also fall back on pre-tied or clip crossbow ties. Maybe it doesn’t make as much impression, but the crossbow tie always fits perfectly and can be attached quickly. Attach it to the shirt collar with a metal clip, adjust the length to the collar size, and remove it just as soon if necessary.

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Tips for  with combining

Today you can confidently combine it with a shirt and cozy wool vest. It can also use with jeans and a leather jacket. In any case, you should use other accessories sparingly, because the crossbow tie itself creates a dominant appearance. Too much would seem overloaded.


If the wearer is not a profession with a corresponding dress code, it avoided at all costs on business occasions. For example, in Germany, it is mandatory to wear a classic bcrossbowow ties with the Bundeswehr’s formal suit. Other areas have no points of contact. They can be used today for restaurant visits or festive occasions. Here you can skillfully differentiate – being “overdressed” is always a taboo. I hope you know now about how to tie a bow tie. If you have any ques, let me know via email or comment on us.

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