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Hottest Pet Tech Products in 2019 for Cats & Dogs Review

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Being a pet has its own advantages. If you have your own dog, it gets all the love it can get along with various types of toys to play. You also probably take your pet along with you wherever you go. This makes your pet feel like a king all the time. In this modern era, you will find various types of high-tech products that are especially aimed at pets. Some have already hit the market and some are still in the development stage. If you have a pet at home and wish to give it the best time of its life, this is the perfect time to get your hands on some of the hottest high-tech pet devices at stores.

High-Tech Pet Products

There are several types of pet tech products that are used by many pet owners. If you are not aware of such products, read on to know more about them.

  • iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher: In order to allow your dog to lead a fit and healthy life, you need to ensure that it gets proper exercises on a daily basis. However, it may not be possible for you to take your dog out for a walk every day. Playing fetch with your pet for several hours may also make your arms tired very soon. Introducing iFetch, which is an automatic ball launcher. Leave your dog with it and let it enjoy on its own.
  • Dog Parker Smart Dog House: Taking your dog out with you wherever you go may not be possible all the time. Most of the time you may also have to tie your dog out while you shop at the supermarket. The Dog Parker can easily solve your problem. This is a climate controlled dog house that is also safe and secure for your pet. You may shop without having to worry about the safety of your pet.
  • Litter Robot Self Cleaning Litter Box: If you have cats at home, scooping their litter may not be a pleasant thing to do all the time. Little Robot can come to your rescue. It is basically an automatic cat litter box that basically sifts through the cat litter after every use and also deposits the litter into a waste drawer.
  • Wonderwoof Dog Activity Social Network: Sometimes, you may need some extra motivation to take your dog out for a walk. You may try Wonderwoof, which is a social network activity tracking dog wearable. It is quite similar to 4Square and Fitback combined. You can easily log walks and also earn badges. You may also come across other dogs in your locality to meet up.
  • Go-Smart Pet Leash: Even the ordinary pet leash has got smart with time. The Go-Smart pet leash is basically a Bluetooth enabled dog leash that comes loaded with features much to the joy of every dog owner. It comes with a LED light ring that allows you to see even at night, walk timers, and also an app that allows you to keep track of the activity times for both your pet and yourself.
  • Get Findster Zero Monthly Fee GPS Tracking: You will come across several GPS trackers that seem to hit the stores almost every month. However, Get Findster has successfully withstood the test of time and has also become a market leader. It does not require any monthly fee and the app also comes with a great user interface. The tracker itself is waterproof and once recharged, the batteries work for a long time.
  • Clever Pet Exercise Pet’s Mind and Body: Just like a normal human being, the mind and body of a pet also needs proper and regular workouts. If you are home, then your pet gets all the exercises it needs. However, if you are away on a vacation, your pet fails to get the exercises it needs. Pet Clever’s product will be able to help your dog get proper exercises that will also allow you to interact with pets when you are away from home.
  • Tailio Smart Health Monitor for Cats: If you have a cat at home, monitoring their litter box habits, eating habits, and weight is important to ensure their proper health. If you leave it all up to chance, it may give rise to major problems in the long run. Use Tailio that is a monitoring system located under a litter box. It is a popular device amongst vets and different cat owners.
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Apart from these, there are several other high-tech devices that are used for pets. It helps them enjoy their lives and remain safe even when you are not at home.



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