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How to Remove Asbestos the Correct Way

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When you want to start reducing the asbestos material, there are rules and guides that you need to follow. These methods are needed to prevent people from exposing the asbestos fibers to the airborne. The improper removal and disposal has been prevented by the Federal Laws.

How do you remove the asbestos correctly?

  • Spray the surface with water to wet down the material. Do this regularly during the removal process. You can use water or mixed water (with detergent or PVA)
  • If you do the removal process in outdoor, make sure the water is in low-pressure garden hose (remove all the electrical hazards first)
  • If there are sheets that bolted, cut and decrease them. Avoid any contact with AVM during the process
  • When you in touch with the AVM, release the gutters, the drain pipes, or the ridge caps using the bolt or bolt cutters
  • Lower any large pieces of AVM carefully to the ground, and don’t drop it
  • Pile the sheets of asbestos-cement carefully
  • Avoid breaking any asbestos-cement product
  • Don’t crush the AVM debris on the ground
  • Put the asbestos debris in an asbestos-waste container
  • Wrap all the asbestos debris in plastic sheeting and make sure all the openings are sealed with duct tape
  • Label all the asbestos waste
  • Contact the asbestos removal Sydney if it needed.

After doing the asbestos removal process, make sure that the area of the removal process is clean with a final inspection. You should clean the area properly and make sure there are no dusts from the asbestos left in the area where you do the removal process. Also, clean the surround area and the route from the removal area towards the asbestos storage. If there is any asbestos material, make sure to keep the area to stay clean and clear, so the product remains intact. If you are going to hire a roofing company you should ask if they are capable to do it or not.

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