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List of Finest Mattresses for Platform Beds

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Finest Mattresses for Platform Beds

It looks like you have done some changes in your bedroom! Switching to the traditional platform bed is really a thoughtful decision, and more solicitous assessment is choosing the right kind of mattress that fits perfectly with your bed.

So, now that you have landed to this article, you might be perplexed with the thought of purchasing the best mattress for a platform bed.

We are going to tell you.

Since this style has become most popular in several countries throughout the world, the thing that is important for you to understand the prominence of a mattress, then only you can select a perfect mattress for your platform bed.

When you plan to purchase a perfect mattress to fir right with your platform bed as well as match the consistency of your furniture, you do not directly jump onto brands. Though brands are one of the important factors when you plan on finding the furniture or bedding, even everything, but it is crucial to be first clear of what you are looking.

We have listed the four important factors that you should consider before purchasing the ideal mattress for your platform bed. Let’s take a look:

Memory Foam  

These are considered the ideal kind of mattresses, which are the best-suited type for your platform beds. They are designed and manufactured for the platform bed with a solid base, possessing a non-flexible foundation.

So, it is great to devise a platform bed with uniformly spread out planks in order to expand the breathability power of a memory foam mattress. However, it is crucial for you to ensure that there are not much wider gaps between the planks, as you do not want to droop or sink the memory foam between the planks.


It serves as another great choice of mattress for a platform bed. A latex mattress is also best-suited to durable and rock-solid foundations, so if you have a plain sighted platform bed, you are good to go with a latex mattress. However, if you have purchased the bed with planks, then you need to ensure that they are not broadly spaced apart, as it will destroy the mattress. 

Moreover, if you are planning to purchase a latex mattress, it is important to check the maximum weight limit of your platform bed, as these mattresses are bit heavier as compared to memory foam.


Comprising of the best elements that make you achieve the sound sleep possible on your platform beds. Hybrid mattresses are combined with the best features of different mattresses all into one, which includes the amalgamation of latex and foam, springs and latex, foam and springs.

You get a choice of selecting from these three kinds of mattresses that tend to provide an amazing balance of decisiveness, sustenance, and coziness to your platform beds, especially if you have narrowed your purchase to a latex hybrid bed. This kind of bed has much less weight as compared to a latex mattress.

Innerspring Mattress

If you are looking for the mattress that fits right with your financial cycle, then the innerspring mattress is the one. If you take a look at this mattress you might be fascinated for what it all has to offer. Though most of these mattresses are designed for box springs, still there are few that fits right with your platform bed.

Some of the innerspring mattresses are created with 1000 coils, having a flat surface to rest over your platform bed, providing you with the tractability and comfort you are looking in the kind of mattress. So, if you want to purchase the innerspring mattress, it is important to look for maximum coils, few can cause you with discomfort.

Now, you have all you need to know about mattress. Happy shopping!

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