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Decorating With Plants: The Best Large Indoor Plants for Your Home

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Did you know that millennials in America account for one-third of all houseplant sales?

With the increasing interest in houseplants, you may be wondering which ones are best suited for your home.

If you have too much empty space in your house that you just can’t seem to fill and want better air quality, then getting a plant may be a good idea!

Continue reading to discover some of the best large indoor plants to put in your home.

1. Palms

Palms are one of the best indoor plants to get for your home. They often require plenty of sunshine and a lot of water.

There are many different variations of palms. If you come across areca palms for sale, you may want to consider them, they are one of the largest palms you can get for your home.

If given proper care, palms can last quite a while, but if you are not watering them frequently they will more than likely die. They are an excellent option for those with allergies due to their rubber-like leaves.

2. Ficus

Large indoor plants come in many different forms and Ficus is one of the most popular options among homeowners. Like palms, they require a lot of light and water to be healthy.

Ficus plants are typically easy to find and won’t cost you a lot of money making it a perfect option for your house.

This plant has large green leaves that occasionally shed, but it would be a great choice of a plant if you are looking for something exotic and easy to find.

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3. Yucca

Yucca is a great plant for both in the house and outdoor, so feel free to take this one outside in the warmer months.

Yucca plants have an extremely unique look and will quickly grow tall if given the proper amount of light exposure. This plant does not require constant water, in fact- they are healthier when watered after the soil has dried.

4. Norfolk Pine

Norfolk pines are perfect if you want a plant that will grow over time and have a long life. They are a very popular plant to put indoors and can grow up to 20 feet tall!

This may not be considered an actual pine but it can easily fool you, with its long and dark green pine needles, it adds a calming look to your home.

Norfolk pines are also popular among homeowners because they are easy to maintain, cheap, and can be found in most places.

5. Jade Plants

Jade plants may not be the largest option for indoor plants but they can grow to a decent size and look really nice in homes.

The jade plant is a type of succulent that requires minimal care- making it perfect for those always on the go!

Add Some Large Indoor Plants to Your Home!

Not only do large indoor plants offer better air quality, but they also help fill in empty spaces to pull the look of a room together.

There are so many diverse plants that don’t need sun, that you will want to find a place for them in your home. Palms, Ficus, and Norfolk pine are a few excellent options to start with!

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