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Business Curb Appeal: How to Make Your Office Building Exterior Look Its Best

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It used to be that 7% of Americans worked from home. Today, that number has skyrocketed due to stay at home orders present in several states.

With most people out of the office, now may be a great time to start looking at projects you’ve been putting off regarding your office building exterior. If you’re a big believer in curb appeal and want your employees (and possibly customers) to return home to a space that’s welcoming, here are five simple ways you can make your place of business shine!

1. Keep Those Hedges Trimmed

Commercial landscaping should always be a line item on your business expense sheet, virus, or no. After all, nothing makes your company look quite as abandoned as untrimmed hedges, unkempt lawns and the like.

The good news is that with several companies shuttering for extended periods, rates on landscaping have likely dropped in your area which means a better-looking office exterior for a fraction of the price.

2. Invest in Great Signage

When employees or customers walk into your building, you want to let them know where they’ve arrived. A great sign makes that possible.

We recommend getting your company’s logo done up professionally and hanging it above your building’s entryway. So your building blends well with its surroundings, take into account the modernity or antiquated feel of your neighbors when choosing your sign’s color palette, size and other design elements.

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3. Let People See What’s Inside (and Outside)

This office building exterior upgrade suggestion might be complicated to implement, especially if you don’t own your office building. All over the country, we’re seeing high-end offices invest in window walls, similar to what you’d see at an Apple store, which lets pedestrians see the work that’s being done inside and lets employees see the world outside.

We love glass walls because they bring a ton of light into a space that can boost productivity and save on electricity. Furthermore, smart glass insulates your building every bit, as well as a traditional wall, would so you don’t have to worry about rising HVAC costs.

4. Opt for a Roof Upgrade

Nothing throws off and office’s look quite like a gaudy, unkempt roof. From a pragmatic perspective, bad roofs also undermine your building’s insulation.

If you own your office building, invest in getting your roof swapped out. If you don’t, insist that your landlord change a failing roof as a contingency for you continuing your lease.

5. Be Diligent About Cleaning

All of our office building exterior improvement tips are for not if the walkways leading into your building are littered or if your windows are dirty. So, before you do anything else, ensure that you have somebody that can come by each day and tidy things up. A little bit of cleaning can make a huge difference!

Get Your Office Building Exterior Ready for Your Eventual Return

If your employees are like most, they’re probably getting a little stir crazy working from home. When the time comes that they can return to work, we hope that your implementing our office building exterior tips will make it so what they come back to is even better than what they left!

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