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How Dangerous Are Scorpions For Your Office Or Home?

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More than 1,700 scorpion species exist in the world but only a limited number of them are dangerous. Although all of them are venomous, not all of the scorpions release their venom as they sting. In the U.S.A., the scorpions are generally found in the New Mexico and Arizona region and the bark scorpion is taken as dangerous.

Eliminating scorpions in these areas can be difficult, as some scorpions can survive up to twelve months without water and food, as well as because they are nocturnal and are active mostly at night. This makes it difficult to control them. However, pest control services like Responsible pest control are able to tackle these beasts easily and effectively.

Types of Scorpions

Scorpions of all types are dangerous. Small scorpions are usually venomous as well as more dangerous than bigger ones. A small scorpion survives for up to five years only. But some venomous and deadly scorpions can live for 15 years as well. One of the most deadly species of scorpions is androctonusaustralis and is found in North Africa and the Middle East only.

Are Scorpion Stings Deadly?

Scorpion’s venom is transferred via the sting and not via its bite. The scorpions’ sting can be divided into three categories – non-lethal, medium lethal, lethal. In the U.S.A. only the sting of Arizona Bank Scorpion is classified as lethal or deadly sting.

Other scorpions’ sting may not or may be venomous. At times, very little quantity of non-lethal poison is released that swells infected part of skin. Such scorpions are not deadly. Only if the infected individual is allergic to scorpions or insects, a scorpion’s sting may cause difficult in breathing. So, in such a case, instead of home treatment, the infected individual must be taken to an emergency.

The sting of medium lethal scorpions causes temporary trauma, difficulty in breathing, and convulsions in the person who is infected. So, if you spot a scorpion in your office or home, you should contact Responsible pest control to avoid a situation where scorpions take over space and begin attacking people.

How Do Scorpions Invade Your Office or Home Space?

  •  Scorpions rarely leave their external habitat and would enter your home or office space only if there is scarcity of food supply outdoors. They generally enter your office of home from utility lines, ground level windows, caps and cracks in the doors and foundation, and gas lines. They usually hide in kitchen cabinets, garages, bathrooms, basement, stores, and other dark places.
  •  To avoid scorpion invasion in the building, make sure all the outdoor furniture is cleaned before they are brought in.
  •   All the gaps and cracks should be sealed with mortar or sealant.
  •   Spray an insecticide in the space regularly to discourage them from coming in.
  •  Scorpions like dry places, such as dry gardens for habitat. So, make sure the garden in your office  or home is watered regularly.
  •   While cleaning the building, make sure you reach corners and hidden places as well.


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Scorpions are dangerous and can cause panic and chaos in your home or office. Moreover, no employee would like to work in a space, which is home to these dangerous creatures. So, you must get rid of them or prevent them from entering the building, even if it involves getting pest control done. 

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