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Cleaning tips Kitchen – learn to clean the kitchen

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The kitchen is the place in the house where hygiene becomes most important. It is in your kitchen that you cook your food and it is therefore most important that it is kept and clean and fresh. The kitchen is also the place that easily gets dirty and this too for the same reason as above; splashes from cooking, leftovers that fall on the floor and other things that are played in connection with, for example, the garbage disposal.

It is therefore very important that you try to keep your kitchen as clean as possible and that you regularly go for a cleaning of a slightly larger model. Here we also mean that the oven, fridge, freezer and pantry are included in the cleaning and therefore we have gathered here some tips that best make your kitchen shiny and free of bacteria.

  1. Start by tossing your dishcloth and take a new one. The dishcloth is the place that bacteria most like in your home and you should really change it regularly – at least once a week is the recommendation.

  2. Buy oven cleaning (available in most stores) and then spray your oven internally with it. Turn on the heat according to the instructions written on the bottle and allow this to work with the door closed. In the meantime, you can go on the stove itself and clean it.

  3. When it comes to the stove, it is very much about model. If you have an induction oven or a hob, it will be easier as they have special tools and scrapers that can be used. An older model gets a little tougher, but is definitely not impossible to clean. Here is the tip to use svinto, cleaning spray and a toothbrush as well as really be persistent. Wet the swine and rub well first, then take the spray and toothbrush and rub further until it becomes clean. Some ovens also have cracks in the enamel where dirt can get stuck and here you can use a toothpick to peel this off. Wipe with a damp cloth afterwards and see the difference!

  4. Now the oven should be ready – it usually takes a few minutes. Open the door and let it cool. As it is cool you wipe with a cloth and – voilá! – you now have a clean, fresh and hygienic oven.

  5. Remove your refrigerator and discard any items you do not need or that have become old. Remove the slices and soak them in lukewarm water. Wash with regular detergent, rinse in cold water and then wipe with a towel before reinserting. Do the same with shelves inside the fridge – where it is often collected from different sauce packages or juice bottles.

  6. Clean the worktops and other surfaces. First, remove everything you have standing on it so you can easily access it. Here it also records what material you have on your discs. Check the cleaning spray you are using so that it really fits the material – it usually stands on the packaging. With wood boards you can use soap and water – an underrated solution that gives a perfect result. Rub up a good amount of lather using a sponge and then wipe as the soap disappears (at least ten minutes).

  7. Now it’s time to chop in the sink, sink and faucet. Here too, svinto can be a tip if the dirt was too hard. Rub well and don’t give up until it really shines. This is the signal you should follow for the metal. If it shines and shines – then the job is done.

  8. Review your pantry. There are many things that remain standing in a pantry for too long – something that attracts vermin and pests. Do a thorough cleansing and dispose of what is old. Sort and organize so that you find easier and wipe the surfaces before you set everything back up. If you have pet and then also do vacuum cleaning to clean the kitchen buy them from here: https://modernliving101.com/best-shark-vacuum-for-pets/. This should be done more often!

You clean the floors as usual. Vacuum first and then scrub with a mop and the detergent you prefer. Place extra focus around the stove where it usually collects the most debris and where most spots are usually visible.

Take out the garbage and clean the cabinet where they stand. Here it can be disgusting so try to keep to this more frequently than you do for example with refrigerator and freezer. Again, the cleaning spray, cloth and patience apply. Rub until the cabinet is free of any stains and smells good.

These points are a kind of crap about how to best get a shiny clean kitchen in your home. Some things should be done more often than others – such as cleaning kitchen counters, faucet, sink and stove. However, at least two or three times a year, the entire procedure should take place jointly from start to finish.

Make sure your kitchen becomes the place where you really like and feel good – clean and hold on, this goal will be considerably easier to reach.

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