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Bookshelf and Other Shelves – Styling Tips and Ideas for Home

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Having a nice bookshelf is something that can improve so many things, including adding a conversation piece to your home. But one thing’s for certain, you want to have it look balanced. Does this mean it has to be perfectly aligned? Actually this is not the case. You can even set off your book shelf and balance it by offsetting items or even just with one item. In this guide, we’re going to give you some of the best ideas for satisfying bookshelves.

Think Taller

One thing you may want to do is consider making your bookshelf a nice tall and unique piece like the Regal 50 cm shelving unit. One thing you could use would be a lamp, a sculpture, or even just a cookie jar. If you use the piece that would be the tallest item on the shelf first, then you’ll be able to scale everything else that goes onto it appropriately, so your bookshelf seems like it’s complete.

Add Elaborately Decorated Books

No matter what types of books you use, you have to have some books. Don’t just use those old worn paperback books that you loved to read and fold over pages in. What you want to do is look for something rustic, but at the same time is a great asset to compliment the emptiness. Another thing you can do during this phase is to add books in a collection, but make sure they’re not just plain colored. If they are, look for something flashy on theme, like gold colored print on the outer cover and elaborate designs, so you can make them jump out, but keep them still on the shelf. Sometimes putting a whole collection of old books can make the cut too. And don’t hesitate to bring in a dictionary, or even a thesaurus to the mix. Educational books enhance the feeling a great deal and look sophisticated in the mix.

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The Rest of the Story

Once you get the books and the tall items out of the way, that’s when you can get creative. Make sure you place special book ends that are appropriate with the books, but stand out against them. When it comes to designing the rest of the shelf, don’t think that you have to spend insane amounts of money either. You’d be surprised at how many people have intricate items on display that actually they bought for only a few dollars at a garage sale. Go ahead and put a memorable moment on there as well, and make sure everything is sitting at a little bit of an angle to ensure that you get maximum visibility of everything on the shelf.


Getting the right look for your bookshelf doesn’t have to be as much work as you think it may be. A lot of it is actually mixing and matching like shades of a certain color or element. You don’t even have to be a professional interior decorator (though they can help a great deal if you have one in mind) for every bookshelf and other pedestal in your home to make everything look tranquil and cozy.

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