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Beginner’s Guide to Painting a House: 5 Signs It’s Past Time to Paint

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Beginner's Guide to Painting a House: 5 Signs It's Past Time to Paint

Did you know that painting a house can raise its value by thousands?

Whilst the structure and build of a house are important, many do not realize that tasteful painting of a house, or its rooms, can have a significant effect on its price.

Painting can make an old house look new and protect surfaces that could be damaged if exposed. How do you know whether it is time to paint your house?

Whether you are looking to raise the price of your house or looking to maintain the current paintwork, check out our in-depth guide.

1. The Paint is Peeling and Cracking

If your paint is obviously dry, cracking and flaking away then you have an obvious sign that the surface should be repainted. However more than this, it is telling you about the condition of the surface under the paint.

When moisture enters beneath the paint, it comes in contact with the wood underneath. This can lead to mold and, in the end, structural damage. For this reason, when you peeling paint, you should inspect more than the paint itself. you should check the condition of the surrounding wood.

2. The Surface Materials

The materials that the house is made of will determine when it should be repainted. For example

  • Wood: 3-7 years.
  • Aluminum siding: 5 years.
  • Stucco: 5-6 years.
  • Cement fiberboard and bricks: 12-13 years.
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These are of course only guideline figures. The environment that surrounds your house will also affect this. Consulting with an expert such as dgi painting can help you learn exactly when to do this.

A house that is regularly coated with wet leaves in winter will need to be repainted more frequently. Equally a house that is hit by direct sunlight in a hot dry climate will need to be repainted sooner.

3. Decaying Trim

The trim around windows and doors is more exposed to the elements that other items. Further, your doors and windows are frequently opening and closing which adds to their wear and tear. Because of this, you should pay particular attention. Likely they will need to be repainted sooner than other surfaces.

Painting them is more than simply making your house look good. These surfaces also act as a seal. If they are well maintained they will contribute to your house remaining a damp-free environment.

4. Color Fading

Watch your paint for even slight changes in its color. If your paintwork is in direct sunlight and is beginning to fade, you will need to consider painting it.

Fading paintwork not only looks bad, but it also weakens the protective ability of the paint. Further, just as the sun can age skin prematurely, fading paint also causes a house to look older than it actually might be.

5. The Age of the House

The house and its paint may look brand new when constructed, but maintenance should begin shortly afterward.

In fact, experts agree that occupants should renew paintwork after 4-6 years. This may often mean a single coat of paint to add protection. Or it could mean more serious maintenance if needed.

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Painting a House and Much More

If you have moved into a new home or are looking to improve your existing dwelling, starting with painting is a great idea. Painting a house not only makes it look good but can actually increase its financial value.

If you are looking to improve your house, then you need solid trustworthy advice. We search the internet and leverage our own experience to provide reliable guidance on a range of topics. Why not follow our blog to see how we can help you.

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