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Home Building: Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Basement

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Basement

Some homeowners prefer to have basements for additional space. House renovation for basements is expensive as the walls and footing need to go below the frost line. But, renovated basements add home value, and it is an outstanding return of investment.

There are several things you have to consider when it comes to renovating a basement. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a basement at home.

Advantages of Having a Basement

Basements add value to your home. Once you know the advantages of having a basement, you will get excited about renovating your home basement.

Additional Storage Space

A home basement is beneficial for people who live in places that have height restrictions. A basement provides additional space without raising the height of the roof. Extra space for storage increases convenience. It is the perfect place to store backup food, recreational equipment, or old memorabilia that can clutter your living space.

Extra Bedroom or Bathroom

Those who have a growing family see basements as an opportunity to make use of their available land. When you add a basement to your house, you gain more or less fifty percent of your floor area. It is best to renovate your unfinished basement as an additional room.

Additional Privacy

If you renovate your basement as an additional bedroom, you can accommodate guests there. A basement is a better solution for those who frequently invite guests or relatives into their homes. It gives guests privacy.

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Provides Efficient Energy

A house with a basement is an advantage, not all of its external walls are directly exposed. The insulation of the wall and floor incorporates additional mass. It helps the building to cool down fast. Houses with a basement can retain heat and control temperature fluctuations. Thus, basements make homes 10 percent thermally efficient. It helps you save energy.

Provides Efficient Energy


Recreational Space

Basements are suitable for recreation rooms. It is the perfect place for equipment, board games, pool games, and the like. The additional space gives you the freedom to do your hobbies.

When the basement renovation is done, your home value increases. The furnished and renovated space is considered livable. Thus, it becomes another thing to consider during estate auctions. Remodeling basements will give you 70 percent of return investment.

Are there disadvantages of having a basement?

There is a minor disadvantage in having a basement, but it is preventable. Basements are not recommended for those who live in places with high water tables. High water tables bring pressure to the basement walls. It will lead to leaks, and this will be impractical as it will lead to more cost.

Other than that, some are hesitant to build basements as they struggle to find professionals. If you are looking for professionals, the Toronto basement contractors can help in renovating your basement.


Houses that offer basements have several benefits, yet they also have liabilities. It is your personal preference, whether to have a basement or not. But, before you decide, make sure to consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of houses with basements. Renovations and redesigning the basement is not a problem with the right basement contractors.

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