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8 Ways to Achieve a Cozy Living Room

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5 Small Living Room Ideas to Make Your Space Seem Bigger

Your living room is where you likely spend most of your time when you’re at home, which is why you should invest as much as possible into making it feel perfectly comfy. These tips will help you achieve that.

Place Your TV Wisely

This may not seem like that big of a deal, but if your TV is not well-placed, your family and guests will have a hard time seeing the movie or show. This means that right off the bat, even if your living room is otherwise the coziest place on Earth, it won’t feel like that. You can hire professionals to help you out with this process, like those from London aerial installation on  https://www.aerialforce.co.uk/. If you’re feeling confident, you can give it a shot on your own.


Now, even if you’ve got a TV that’s perfectly placed, if there isn’t enough seating, your family and guests are going to suffer. With that in mind, make sure that you provide as much comfy seating as your space allows for. It’s a good idea to try the furniture out before buying it so that you have a first-hand chance to check just how comfortable it is. Afterall, you’re going to have that sofa or futon in your space for a long time to come.

On that note, consider replacing your coffee table with an upholstered ottoman (or a couple). Not only can they serve the same function of coffee tables, but they can also turn into extra seating.

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Nothing makes a space cozier or more inviting than blankets, so make sure you have a couple around. They are perfect as accent pieces, adding a layer of décor, while also being able to provide warmth.


A fireplace is the ultimate coziness-inducing factor. However, not all living rooms can benefit from the magic power of a fireplace, which can be a bummer. Well, here’s the good news: you can use candles. If you pick scented ones, you can add even more coziness to the place, making them the perfect choice. Just be sure to not leave them unattended.

Accent Wall

The accent wall may be where the professionals from London aerial installation placed your TV, but then again, it may not. If you’d like to bring a little more life to a specific wall, consider painting it in a deep color. This will instantly add more comfort.


While candles are amazing, you may want to add other layers of lighting. The key is to keep them soft. Ceiling lights that are dimmable, as well as floor lamps can work wonders to make the space feel lovely and welcoming. It’s also incredibly useful in the colder months, when natural light is scarce, since it enables you to add more light in specific areas.

Work with the Seasons

Speaking of the colder months, you should try to change your interior décor just a bit when autumn and winter come, and then again when spring and summer show up. Thicker fabrics for curtains and blankets work beautifully for colder temperatures, while lighter ones are just right for when it’s hot out. This is not only great for coziness, but also for taking your living room to a whole new level.

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Shine It Up

While metal textures may not be the most inviting ones on their own, combined with all the coziness-inducing elements we discussed earlier, they can enhance their effect. Brass and coper can be especially beautiful. You can add them with little decorative pieces like bowls and candle holders. Alternatively, you can add a wallpaper and create a more eccentric accent wall than the one we suggested earlier.

Having a cozy living room is key to you enjoying the space as much as possible. Make sure to let your personality shine while picking the pieces you’ll be spending most of your time around. This way you will feel as happy as ever every time you step into your little piece of heaven.

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