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Secrets to a Quick and Stress-Free Move: 8 Practical Packing Tips

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8 Practical Packing Tips

The date is set. You’re ready to start your new life in your new house, but you cannot seem to find the most efficient way to pack all your things.

While packing may be one of the most daunting tasks during a move, it can be done adeptly with the proper knowledge of the preparation process.

Aside from hiring the best moving company you can find, it is also crucial that you plan for packing and unpacking of your belongings. This is probably one of the most important secrets you should know about for a hassle-free relocation.

To help you get started, here are eight tips on packing that are practical and easy to perform:

Start as Early as Possible

No matter how experienced you are at packing, the task will always take longer than you might expect. This is why it is crucial that you start as early as possible and avoid procrastination.

While this may sound simple enough, people still find it challenging to get started. The key is to set aside at least two or three weeks for packing all your stuff before the date of the move. Packing several boxes per day should do the trick.

Remember to begin with the items that you rarely use and move up to your daily essentials. Once you do so, you will find that the job isn’t as overwhelming, and you should be able to have an organized packing and unpacking process.

Create a Packing Strategy

Although everyone has their own system in packing, most people can benefit from the room-by-room packing technique. Start by focusing on one area of a room and place everything inside that particular space in a single container, then move on to the next area and its corresponding container. Don’t mix items from different rooms, or you’ll defeat the purpose of this strategy.

You can also stay organized by marking boxes according to the frequency of use. Put all the essentials in one container and label it “Day One,” indicating that it contains what you would need on your first day in your new home. Wrapping small items in vibrant-colored tissue paper can also help you avoid throwing them out with the packing paper by mistake.

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Put Clear, Descriptive Labels on Your Packing Boxes

Clear labeling is another vital part of the packing process. This means that you should create a list of a box’s contents and paste it on the top and side of the box.

If you followed the room-by-room packing technique, don’t forget to write down the room where the box is supposed to go. Using a color-coding strategy by writing with different colored pens or sticker papers for each may also help achieve this.

Also, it is crucial that you gather up delicate and highly breakable items in one container and mark them as “fragile.” This will let the movers know how to handle the box properly and where to put it in the moving truck.

Set Aside a Room for Packing

Not to be mistaken with the packing technique mentioned earlier, setting aside a room for packing simply means you should have a dedicated space where you can sort through your stuff and label them accordingly. You can assign a room that you don’t use frequently as a packing station.

Once you’ve selected a space, gather up your packing supplies, including markers, tape, bubble wrap, and boxes and containers in a variety of sizes. This will help you gain momentum in packing items to ensure efficiency in packing.

Put Heavy Stuff in Small Boxes

Although it may seem counterintuitive, heavy stuff should be packed in small boxes and the lighter ones should be placed in bigger containers. This will help make moving them easier. It can also prevent the containers from breaking due to the excessive weight of their contents.

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Maximize Closet Space

Many people think that removing everything inside their closets before moving the furniture to their new home is the best way to go, but the truth is that they’re only wasting valuable space, time, and money. Instead, leave those dressers full to maximize space inside the moving truck. It also reduces the loading and unloading time since the movers will practically be moving two items in one go. Just remember to secure the doors and any openings. This also applies to bags and suitcases.

Don’t Box Up Valuables

As the description implies, valuable items like heirlooms, documents, and jewelry have significant value and are difficult to entrust to other people. To make sure these items arrive safely at your new home, pack them separately, and transport them yourself.

Use Blankets and Towels to Protect Fragile Items

Blankets and towels are the exceptions to leaving your closets full. Instead of putting them together, leave these soft items to be used as padding inside the different boxes you pack. This will ensure that each box is full and prevent its contents from moving around.

Towels and blankets can also double as safety bumpers for fragile items like lamp bases, artworks, and the like.

Packing for a Quick and Stress-Free Move

Efficient packing is the key to ensuring that your move is stress-free. Make sure to follow these practical tips to help you get everything done right. And if you need extra help, you can always hire a reliable professional packing service.


Hafiz Zafar is the owner of Professional Movers. The company offers reliable, cost-effective and stress-free packing, storage and relocation services across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other parts of the UAE region.

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